Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Clearly, hell has indeed frozen over...

Dearest Readers,
I realize that my last post was about AI. Again, I find myself stunned by the results show. Stephanie may not have been the best of the 2007 contestants, but she deserved to be in the top 10 IMHO.

We must close ranks! We must shut Sanjaya out...I want to get out of my fetal position. I want to enjoy the glorious sun that graced Portland today. But mostly...I want to knit again. To knit with an even tension. A relaxed tension. I don't want my size 13 needles to *snap* in my fingers. I long for the days of yore.

Here is my strategy: We must increase the number of votes the poorest contestants receive, so that they can beat out Sanjaya. Vote for the contestants you think are at for them for the full two hours. For me, in addition to my top 3, I'll be giving a shout out to Phil, Chris R. and Haley, who I think are circling the proverbial drain.

We must vaccinate ourselves against the legions of and Howard Stern led troglodytes, including the weepy 10 year old Tiger Beat voters who should really be asleep and not text messaging their votes with their little pink Razor phones (no--I'm not jealous of their youth or their phones, I have STR stash)!!!

Unite Dear Readers. Tonight the wail you heard across the continent was mine.

Check out this link, hopefully AI will be on the air long enough to give this kid a spot...hopefully the spawn of youknowwho won't be competing against him :) :)

Thank you for your patience. I will leave you with dear, sweet Gibson enjoying the spring collection of STR...If only I were a cat!


Courtney said...

That is a hilarious post. I agree but not sure I care enough to vote. Your STR stash is so beautiful, I am turning bright green!

Wool Girl said...

Agree with you completely...I will be on the phones next week. Tiger Beat voters, here we come!

Anonymous said...

Love the Tiger Beat reference. So true. My current Rockin Sock Club socks have visible AI stripes. Much narrower than the rest.That speaks volumes.