Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A little this and a little that

Just a couple of FOs to show off! One was an SIP from my birthday stash and the other was a new project knit from my stash!

So what do some beads and scrumptious yarn turn into??

Correct!! An Odessa hat!

Pattern: Odessa by Grumperina
Yarn: From my stash, I'm thinking Cascade 'Indulgence'
Needles: Size 4 and 6
Mods: none to speak of; 9 pattern repeats before starting the decrease rounds.
Beads: 121 used
Fit: Perfection!

Pattern: Toe-up (figure 8 CO), basic ribbed cuff, my own pattern
Yarn: Sundara 'Drunken Plum' sport weight merino (I heart this yarn! Heart. It.)
Needles: Size 2 dpn
Mods: None...this is my pattern for Pete's sake ;)
Fit: Like a glove! Perfection! These are my best fitting toe-up socks to date!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


that is where i am, gpa-wise, in the str sock club 2006. i realize it is now 2007, but i saw some chatter at the kal blog about an extension being granted until we receive our first 2007 assignments, so i am working on my final projects, and hoping to still receive at least a 3.5.

knitting updates:

project: marble arches in pink granite (str club socks from october 2006)
where i am in the project: DONE!
modifications: did a picot edge at the top instead of the ruffle called for in the pattern; made the toe a bit rounder
impressions: love love love the design. do NOT love love love cuff-down sock knitting - i have become a confirmed toe-up gal. i also did the socks one at a time, which is completely uncharacteristic of this here sock knitter, and am going to attempt a toe-up version of this wonderous pattern at some time in the future.

project: central airs in titania (yeah, i realize i am copping out like crazy, not tackling titania's revenge, which is a fabulous pattern, but i want to get these puppies DONE).
where i am in the project: 1/2 way done with both feet.
modifications: toe-up, people. don't you even KNOW ME?!?!?!? am working over 60 stitches on size 1 addis, which is making these socks a perfect fit, so far
impressions: simple yet lovely lace pattern, easy, quick, and really compliments the short color changes of the yarn.

project: regular old toe-up socks in spunky electric boogy days
where i am in the project: almost time to turn some heels
impressions: awesome yarn - so bright and colorful, and sproingy as heck (thanks, again, nk!)

project: rogue sleeves
where i am in the project: sleeve island, people
modifications: doing both at once, in the round
impressions: i am definitely leaning toward being one of those knitters who does the sleeves FIRST.

s out!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Late, as usual

Well, I'm late and I admit it. For those of you who know me, you know that I am late for almost everything in my life. Late getting up in the morning, late for work, late arriving to functions, late meeting my DH for dinner, late picking up my DD from school (late in getting her there), late with dinner, late with projects, etc, etc etc......the list goes on and on. Chances are, if you know me, you have had to experience my tardiness in some form or fashion (and you know who you are and I do apologize profusely). I have begun to realize that it's just a part of who I am, and I am slowly beginning to accept it. Accept it, instead of change it. I have realized that it's just not going to change people! From the beginning of time I have been late for almost everything (except in paying bills, sending cards for birthdays, and giving my dog a bath...go figure!) When I am actually on time for something, it somehow feels just "wrong" to me or "off" in some way. I feel somehow that I'm wasting time if I show up for something early. I mean, there's 5,10,15 minutes or so that I could have spent doing something else, rather than just "being early" or "waiting" for something to start, right? I suppose that it works the other way for the other person - why should they have to wait around for me? Is my time more precious than theirs, for instance? No way! It just is what it is, I guess. I go through time period where I a am on time, where I try to change, but then revert pretty quickly back to my late self.

So, I guess in one sense, I have added posting on this blog to that list - the list of things I am late for. This post, being one of them. I meant to post right on New Year's Day, or pretty darn close to it anyway, and look, it's now December 18th, and I am just now doing my New Year's post! I guess I vow to be more productive in posting on a regular basis this year - vow to get more knitting done (although I am not sure if that will actually happen), and vow to try and not be late for family functions, late to work, or late to pick up my daughter from school (although I can't guarantee anything).

I have so many UFO's from last year, that there are just too many to count. I began, began, began projects last year, but somehow didn't finish as many as I'd hoped (although the end of the year I seemed to bust out lots of things for the holidays, but that doesn't really count). So, for that reason, because there are just too many to name, I have chosen the one, the special one in my mind, that I would like to complete before the end of January. Realistically, with everything going on, this is the only one that I will be able to complete before the end of January. I went through all of my projects, even ones I hadn't started, and my eyes kept being drawn back to this one in particular. NK blessed me with this lovely (my favorite, actually) skein of STR in Purple Rain this year, and I started a pair of socks with it, and had every intention of finishing them by now; however, life got in the way. Holidays happened, work was always rearing it's ugly head, and other priorities seemed to take over. Purple Rain was put on the back burner, but not forgotten.

So, for all of the reasons listed above, the UFO I choose to complete and work on with all of my heart this month is.......drum roll please!!!!!!!..........

PURPLE RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Introducing....STR Purple Rain socks.......

So, you should be hearing back from me in another few weeks on this blog (ok, just kidding...it will be in the next few days), where I will have an update on the Purple Rain socks. For now, I will leave you with some yummy yarn porn that arrived last week:

This is the wonderful Lobster Pot Yarn from Cape Cod Fibers. I'm sure we will be seeing this around here a little more often in the near future. Knit on!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weather people make me scream!

Good Morning, Scappoose, OR!!! I went out to scrape the frost from the car this a.m., and I thought to myself..."That's an awful lot of frost on the car"...no wait...it isn't frost...it's frickin' snow...did anyone forecast snow??? Why, no! They didn't....Contrary to last week, when the forecast of snow alone prompted the closure of five school districts before the first innocent flake even fell...and let me tell you...that was a much ado about nothing that would make Bill roll over in his grave!!!

I hope everyone is safe and sound!
Happy Knitting!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

snow in portland???? and a finished object

well, i awoke to a goodly dusting of snow on the ground yesterday here in good old portland, oregon, where it really doesn 't snow all that much. there is still some lingering in my 'hood, and, boy, is it cold.

what a ridiculous situation the blue moon fiberistas find themselves in, huh? i think the nk very succinctly explained the deal, and our collective disbelief that something like this could actually happen. in a world in which retirees are pilfered of their life savings on a daily basis, this is borderline inconceivable. it makes absolutely NO SENSE - from my (admittedly limited) interactions with and knowledge of banks, their business is money, so the very fact that they would not only turn down but actually RETURN money seems to go against the very fiber of their beings. hmmm. stee-range. but, it seems the blue moon ladies are taking this in stride, which is a strong indication that they will, in fact, survive anything the corporate world sees fit to throw their way. good job, ladies - you deserve a gold star, or, better yet, some cashmere yarn...

now, to the knitting:

one down on my january fo list:

july str club socks
colorway: peaceblossom
pattern: cookie's baudelaire
needles: size 0 addi turbos
size: perfection

Thursday, January 11, 2007


In a world in which we receive credit card applications from every Tom, Dick and Harry bank every day...it is inconCEIVable to even imagine that a bank would turn down money. Right? WRONG!

Take Blue Moon Fiber Arts...the home of Socks that Rock and the STR Sock Club. This not just any yarn, nor is it just any sock club. This stuff is the bomb. And yes, I'm a friend of Tina and Kaci's, and have been since before STR....but I can tell you without bias, this sock yarn is the best. The colors are amazing. Tina thinks about color and color combinations differently than anyone else, period. BMFA and STR, and all the other yarns and rovings that are frequently overshadowed, were born out of Tina's passion for all things fiber related...touch, texture, color, function, structure. What comes out of doing what you love and loving what you do??? Success! Unbridled success!!!

BMFA and STR was a success at every store front and fiber festival they appeared. Overtime, the idea of starting a sock club was born. And, voila, yet another resounding success! A KAL was born. People from all over the country and world met each other, encouraged each other, helped each other, ooohed and ahhhhhed over each other's completed socks. It wasn't just a club like the YMCA or something, this was a cult. A collective. It was an experience. Yay Tina!! Yay Kaci!! Yay BMFA!!

And now...for the rest of the story.....The second year of the sock club is just beginning. And very well organized it was. Reservations were taken. The website was up and running. Credit cards were accepted. Accepted. Accepted. Hah! Fate, in the guise of a stupid bank person, or people, stepped in. He/She/They did not believe that all the charges coming in were real. It had to be a scam. In their infinite wisdom, they concluded that this many people could not really be purchasing a knityourownsock club membership. Poirot they are not! The friggin idiots credited all the cards and basically shut down BMFA. Do these imbeciles not read and see that the Yarn Harlot enabled around 4,000 knitters to knit in the Knitting Olympics. Holy rosewood needles Batman, that is like more knitters than the number of athletes that participated. Do these cretins not see that Claudia raised over $17,000 for Multiple Sclerosis? To put that value in perspective, that is almost one-third of a pilot project award that the MS society funds...that is an amazing contribution via one blogger! Do they not see that overlapping the resounding success of Claudia's fundraising, was Cara. She raised over $18,000 for Heifer International? Recently, Wendy raised over $40,000 for Heifer International. Point: knitters are many. MANY. Knitters are charitable and have the power to influence change and make the world a better place. These single-celled anomalies at the bank, who tried to think and reason and concluded that there can't be that many knitters knitting socks in a sock club, clearly did not have enough brain capacity to support a synapse between any two working neurons, and blew it big time. BIG. TIME.

In the usual Tina and Kaci fashion....they rose to the occasion with humor, grace, and the excellent customer service they have been known for. They quickly communicated with their club members and have fixed the situation. As of 9:00 p.m. last night, Kaci was still answering hundreds of emails....Kaci, stop! We're patient, we can wait a for a reply, it's ok! :)

The letter they sent out to club members can be seen at the sock club KAL site, and please do read what Stephanie, Cara and Amy have to say.

Tina, Kaci and the BMFA team...we heart you! We've got your back! No stupid banker person can stop the tide of BMFA, the STR Sock Club, and the leagues of sock knitters (go figure Mr. Banker dude) who support them!

Knit On!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

i'm baaaaaack...

here's hoping blogger is actually working. had a post, lost the post, resisted the urge to toss computer across room, took a deep breath, drank more coffee, and...whammo! here we are.

it has been well over a month since i last posted. lame, but true. bunches going on in this old life, quitting, selling, plotting, planning, traveling, and even a bit of knitting. it is this last action that i would like to discuss with you today.

2006 was truly the year of the sock for me. in fact, other than shawls and scarves, that is pretty much ALL i accomplished this year - socks. a whole bunch of socks. 39 individual socks by my count, plus a wee pair of babysocks. other than socks, 5 shawls, 2 scarves, and one xmas stocking. a lot of knitting, but very little variety. that, i am bound and determined to rectify in 2007.

nk and wg had proposed a "january of finished objects" here at we heart yarn. i am going to use that as my golden ticket to finish what i began in previous years. ladies and gentlemen, my goals:

1. rogue. i mean, jeez, louise, i only have the sleeves and the finishing to do. the sleeves are already on the needles; it is merely a matter of sitting down with them and spending some quality time. there isn't even that much cabling on those puppies.

2. my bmfa sock club socks. although i am a looong way from achieving a 4.0 like my blogmate nk, i don't want to completely fail out of the program. my peaseblossoms (which are not hippy crunchies but baudelaires) have turned heels, so the leg is all i have to do. must..conquer..resistance...to...size 0's... i also am going to make the titania's into central airs, instead of titania's revenge, and those winter eve's are oh, so lovely. oh, and marble arches. a project i meant to begin in montana over xmas, but i seem to have left the yarn there, so they won't be starting until i receive a package from my folks...

3. spunky electric boogie days socks - a gift from the nk in our fabulous knitterly gift exchange, i could not help but cast those toes on. ooh, what bright socks i will have

looking again at this list, if i am being honest with myself, there is no way in hell i will finish all of these in january - there simply aren't enough days in the month. but a good start is a good start. so i will make a good start.

the following photos are of my first ever pair of knee-highs, and my final fo's of 2006. whew. love them. received this yarn from some fabu ladies for my bday in early december, and, although the skein seemed big, and heavy, until i wound it into a ball, i didn't realize just how much yardage it held. this is a double skein, people, i would bet the farm on it. so, knee-highs they had to become. i used the nk's perfect toe-up sock pattern, and came up with my own calf shaping, which turned out beautifully, if i do say so myself. i splurged on a pair of knee-high boots a few weeks ago, and quickly realized that the perfect companion for them would be a pair of self-knitted knee-high socks. i planned on using a gc from my folks to blue moon to purchase enough yarn to make a pair (and, honestly, i still plan on doing that), but this yarn seemed so perfect. and, with so much yardage, what was i to do? so i knit. and knit. and knit some more. i totally heart them.

yarn: yarntini in luxury - ooh, la, la.
pattern: rockin' toe-up sock pattern from blue moon fiber arts, with calf-shaping modifications figured out on the road from eureka, montana to portland, oregon.
fit: muy perfecta
warmth factor: yummy

the photo at the top is taken from the car on the way to montana, east of the columbia river gorge. there was a "freezing fog" going on, and it made the trees shimmer. absolutely breathtaking

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I dood it!!! I finished my second Winter's Eve with time to spare on December 31!!! And yes, I completed all the socks for the BMFA Sock Club 2006 in 2006!!! I have a 4.0 gpa! Oh Yay!!! I sweat these things you know.

Pattern: Winter's Eve by Sivia Harding for the BMFA Sock Club
Yarn: Mustang Sally STR (lightweight)
Needles: 2.5 mm Addis (magic loop)
Mods: rounder toe and needle size for the size small directions
Fit: OMG!!!! Perfect!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!