Thursday, August 30, 2007

News from the hive

Thank you all so much for your great comments about the Bee Field adventure and the yarn choice! Stella, you go girl...Drunken Bee socks would be outstanding!!!

Shortly after commencing this pattern with such zest and enthusiasm...I hit the frog pond. No worries...I had good company there, and a fun time was had by all...there was a little errata issue on row 2, so we frogged...only 11 rows. No harm, no foul.

I'm happy to report that the Bee is back in play. We have cast on, again, and completed the first 11 rows, again, without issue! Yippy Skippy! I have tried to organize the pattern for easier reference. I believe a few more tags may be necessary!

I don't want to leave you in want of some fibery goodness on this wonderful Thursday I'll let you contemplate the meaning behind all these danged picots...If you come up with let me know!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Look what I did! Last night was the ceremonial start of the Bee Fields shawl!! A friend and I are having a little knit along. We're both using BMFA Geisha 'Oregon Red Clover Honey' yarn. The full moon defined our start date...

I wound it. Twice. Using a large wooden swift and a large Fricke ball winder.

Isn't that Oregon Red Clover Honey yummy! I even celebrated with a PB & honey sandwich for dinner! Yum!

And the first 11 rows of the shawl are complete!!

Monday, August 27, 2007


What is Max looking at?

Hmmmm...there's a tell-tale picot cuff...

...a little Eye-of-Partridge, perhaps...

...It looks like a heel has been turned...

I believe we have another pair of Monkeys on the needles!!

Who could've guessed?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Monkey Fish

Summer days!

What goes better with summer than cool bright colors....

A splash of picot...

Monkeying around...

kicking up your heels...

Fancy toes...

And a game of peek-a-boo through the cuffs?


Pattern: Monkey Socks
Yarn: Fishy Wishy in a Dishy DK from See Jayne Knit
Needles: Addi Lace 2.5 mm
Mods: Picot cuff, short row heel, anatomical toe
Notes: Would use a smaller needle next time, they are a wee bit roomier than I prefer, but still ohhhh so comfy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This 'n that

A little of this...STR Space Dust in medium weight. Destined to become...can you guess???

And a little of that...STR 'Hollyday' medium destination as of yet.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Monkeys at the Fairgrounds!

Here we are in Monkey land again...Fairground Monkeys this time!

On Sunday, I substituted for Alina and taught her knitting class at the LYS in Multnomah Village. Too much fun! Those women are a hoot! It could become habit forming! Seriously!

I went up to the local 'Bucks and knit and sipped for a moment in the sun

Then off to my folks for Sunday dinner with the family and some out of town friends of my sisters'...they're from cool is that!?

Pattern: Surprise!!! Monkeys by Cookie A.
Yarn: STR 'Fairgrounds'
Needles: Addi Lace 2.5 mm, 2.25 mm for the heel
Mods: Gotcha', no short row heel in sight on these puppies!! I did a heel flap using the Eye of Partridge stitch ala L-B! I did stick to my anatomical toe, however. Magic looping the whole way!!

For inquiring minds...the Zinnias (?) are from my mom's garden...she has the green thumb, I have skeins for thumbs!! :)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Honey, Honey

Destined to become a

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Odds and Ends

Odds...a wee bit...take a closer look....

Cool! Mr. NK and his eagle eyes pointed this ad out to me last night! Mr. NK sees everything except for my ever expanding stash!! I heart him!

and ends...getting to the end of one ball of worries, there's plenty more where that came from!! Correct!!! It is not a short row's an Eye of Partridge heel flap ala L-B, thanks L-B!

You might have noticed a new link in the sidebar...the ALS Association of Oregon and SW Washington. ALS is very close to our hearts. The Portland Walk to d'Feet ALS fund raiser takes place on September 9, 2007. Many states have their own chapters and host their own Walks.
Mr. NK and I will be supporting Pat Newman's Gang. We invite you to join us in defeating ALS.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A wee bit more red!

SOS Pair #3...




Pattern: Solstice Slip from the June STR Rockin Sock Club 2007
Yarn: STR 'Firebird' Lightweight
Needles: Addi Lace 2. 75 mm (2.5 mm for the heel)
Mods: I tried really hard to follow the pattern, so just a short row heel and an anatomical picot!

See Jayne Knit 'Fishy Wishy in a Dishy', Piece of Beauty 'Red Bark' and STR 'Fairgrounds' are all that remain on the this moment in time, that is! Fingers crossed I can finish all of them by the SOS deadline!!!
Knit On!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Red is for...

Tomatoes from the local Farmer's Market....


Sock monkeys!

Piece of Beauty 'Red Bark' toe up...Monkeys...

a Sereknity 'Shiraz' Sock kit...

My first Fair Isle project. A hat for Mr. NK!


a red Aran sweater...

Dreamed, swatched, knit, swatched, knit...and brought into the world...


Clearly, if it isn't just isn't.

P.S. For the curious, the Red Aran sweater and more designs by my friends can be found here!