Tuesday, September 29, 2009

busy as a bee

For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together.
For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad.
~Edwin Way Teale

It was a busy weekend here at Chez NK. Linda was visiting from Baltimore for the Flock and Fiber festival and L-B (yep, that L-B!) zipped out for the festival, too!! It was fantastic to finally meet L-B!!

We had a fabulous time hanging out and catching up with so many special friends over the course of a long weekend!

It should really be called Oregon Flock, Fiber and Friends Festival!! :)

Summer has come to a close.

The once warm nights are edged with a distinct chill.

I'm busily wrapping up the last of the summer projects to make way for autumn knitting.
Remember the 'Summer Nights' socks? Yep, they have come to close, too.

Sedona Socks by Lisa Dykstra
Union Center Knits yarn in 'Wildflower'

Thursday, September 24, 2009

on the fence



Golden light on golden yarn.


These socks are a lovely new pair I'm test knitting for Anne!

The pattern is a lacey cable that sways right and left...just like grass in a breeze.

The Bugga yarn is a yummy enhancement from SS09, picked out by Terry! She did an outstanding job in choosing this color! It's perfect!!

Happy Friday-eve!!

Bugga yarn in 'Periodical Cicada'
sock design by Anne Hanson

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn Joy

Today is the first day of autumn! Yay!

This weekend I was invited by a very special friend to go on a walk with our cameras in tow to capture the sights along a country road in the glorious autumnal light of late afternoon.

It was a beautiful afternoon...blue skies and a slight breeze...we love the autumn, and this was a perfect way to celebrate its beginning! We're both posting our captures so that you can see the 'whole' picture!

This little spider was quite the acrobat!

she deftly moved from one perch...

...to another.

She wasn't the only thing that was literally suspended in thin air!

There are many things that define the transition from summer to autumn.

The change in the light is the most striking.

The sun casts a lovely warm glow

that seems to intensify all the colors in the spectrum.

falling leaves
hide the path
so quietly
~John Bailey

Look at that blue sky!! Awesome!

Don't be fooled. Nature isn't quite done with these leaves just yet.

They still have a purpose.

This little spider was hunkered down, sound asleep

in her leafy cradle.

The colors of autumn are just beginning to emerge.

the orangey-red of the leaves,

red berries,

and the red ladybugs playing in the last of the white Queen Anne's lace.

Sunset came too fast. Our walk came to an end. But, we have a plan to return to catch the morning light and see what we can see!

I hope you enjoyed seeing our walk through my eyes! Please go see the beauty that Tina captured through her eyes.

Happy Autumn everyone!!! I hope your season is filled with brisk days and blue skies, steaming cocoa with whipped cream, hearty soups, crisp apples and sweet pears, beautiful leaves spiraling about your feet, warm woolies to keep the chill out, and all things that bring Autumn Joy to your hearts!

A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, September 18, 2009


It's the weekend! Break out the brew...

being from Portland, that would be the microbrew!!

Yep. A little more stash enhancement from SS09. This time from Wool Candy.

Naming this skein 'microbrew' was perfect, as it perfectly captures the variety of shades of the real thing!

Have a great weekend...see you on the flip side!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

poppies in autumn

The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream.
The oak sleeps in the acorn,
the bird waits in the egg,
and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs.
Dreams are the seedlings of realities.
~James Allen

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Foggy days

Ocean Fog.

A yarn aptly chosen for a new project to start while at the beach, as it was indeed foggy. All weekend. Except for Monday...when we left.

It's all good though. Any weather at the beach is good weather. That would be Mr. NK cheering me on! He's a dang cute blur!! :)

Thank you for all the wishes for a happy anniversary! We had a great weekend and are looking forward to another year!

And the new project? Are you sitting down?
It isn't socks!

Sunshine Yarns 'Ocean Fog' to become a Shetland Triangle shawl