Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's Electrifyin!

"I got chills, they're multiplyin, and I'm losin control...cause the power, you're's Electrifyin!" -Danny Zuko from the original Grease

So, I must confess, I've gotten hooked to another reality series this winter, and this one takes the cake as being pretty cheesy, but hey, it's good and it's addictive. (Aren't they all?) The Series is called Grease: You're the One that I Want! I think the reason I'm so "addicted" to this certain series is because it reminds me of a time when I was in school (during the 70's), and brings back so many memories! I remember seeing Grease when it was just at the movie theatre....I remember thinking Danny (John Travolta) was sizzlin hot playing the good boy/bad boy character...I remember the craze for wearing tight stretch pants during that time, and I remember dreaming about high school being just like it was in Grease. Of course, I was in a for a big surprise there, but I guess it was good while it lasted. Of course, John Travolta is still hot. I saw him last night on Jay Leno - yes he has aged - but still hot? You bet!

So, I have been running around here singing various Grease tunes for the past couple of weeks since the show started. Getting knitting done? Not so much, but the singing has been fantastic! I'm awaiting my sock club socks from STR and Sundara this week. I really want to stay ahead of the curve this year - get each pair of socks done before the next kit arrives. It seems that I fell a little behind this last year - of course that is due to various reasons (which will be revealed in future posts), but the jist of all of that is - I do not (and am not) going to fall behind this year! :)

My MIL house sat for us this weekend while we were at Stitches (which was awesome btw), and we came home to wonderful spring arrangements of silk flowers everywhere in the house. One thing you must know about me - I really love silk flowers and silk flower arrangements (and happily, so does my MIL - she used to make flower arrangements for a living) Not the cheesy ones you've probably seen in a cheap hotel lobby - but ones made with really good quality silk flowers and ones that look beautiful and tasteful. Here are just a couple of the ones she did over the weekend:

So I must sign off for now, but I'm going to leave you with a little yarn porn today....can you guess what it is?

More on this next time......

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Plans for a new shawl and newfound romance? Huh?

My STR In the Navy arrived today, much to my excitement! I have been waiting to order the "In the Navy" ever since I purchased a skein of medium weight last year at OFFF. My plan is to make a Shetland Triangle shawl from Wrap Style for myself (the last one I made was for my DS) out of 3 skeins of lightweight In the Navy. This yarn is absolutely perfect for that, and the blues in this yarn are just to die for!

Somehow, I envision myself walking along the breathtaking Cliffs of Mohr with my In the Navy Shetland Triangle shawl on my shoulders and gently blowing in the wind behind me. As I slowly walk along the cliffs, feeling the warmth of the sun light from above, all the while breathing in the fresh sea air, I see him. I see him walking along the cliffs from the opposite direction. Even though he is several hundred yards away, I can somehow see his smile clearly. It almost makes my heart stop. His warm smile, the one I remember so vividly from the times we spent together in Dublin. Oh, the memories I have of brings a smile to my face without my even realizing it.

I suddenly realize that I'm running. Yes, I am running towards him now - almost breathless. If I can just get to him - feel his warm embrace again, I will feel whole once more. And he will be able to see me in my In the Navy shawl. (Ok, this is getting quite corny, and yes, I guess I must be reading too many romance novels these days and watching too many Russell Crow movies!).

I should just stick with the In the Navy shawl and leave the romance up to my DH, I guess. :)

On to more important things....

I will be in California this weekend at Stitches West - I can hardly wait! My DH is coming with me - we are making a mini weekend of it, so it just begs to be a great time.

Will report on my romance adventures after this weekend!

I will leave you with dreams of STR In the Navy for now...


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Finally a Loopy Groupy!


I am finally a Loopy Groupy! I got my special package in the mail today from Loopy Ewe, which means that I'm finally in the Loopy Groupy club! The package came beautifully wrapped and included a great Loopy Ewe knitting bag, a skein of Opal yarn, and a box of Valentine conversation hearts.....what a great surprise!

For those of you who have NOT yet visited her site (which I can't imagine there are many of you out there), please do so at It's all about the socks people!

MS Walk

Dear Readers,
As you know, multiple sclerosis is close to our hearts here at We Heart Yarn. For me, I am a scientist in a multiple sclerosis research laboratory. I have friends with MS. I know many knitters with MS.

My friend Leslie is doing an MS Walk in Portland, OR on April 14, 2007. Leslie and I both started our MS research careers together at OHSU. She has "done the walk" for the past five years. Although, she is no longer in research, MS is still close to her heart!

Please join me in supporting her and her team in finding a cure for MS!!

If you wish to make a donation or learn more, please visit her team page here.

We heart you Leslie!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mystery sweater....

Hmmm...a little bit of red!!! Some design books....what could it be??

Cables maybe???

It's a mystery sweater, where is Poirot when you need him?! Mystery sweater was designed and knit by me to be a project in an upcoming book, hence no pics before publication!! Mystery sweater has been galavanting around the country (Oregon to Tennessee to Colorado and back to Oregon...more travel than I've done this year!) and has been posing for glamour shots...she has become quite the diva at this point!! Mystery sweater arrived home under wraps and away from the paparazzi awhile ago. She is enjoying a brief respite in an undisclosed location after her brief fling as a celebrity. Mystery sweater will resume her celeb-lifestyle a little later this year...stay tuned for her opening night foray down the red carpet here at weheartyarn.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


is it feeling a bit...chilly in here?

who turned up the a.c.? or is it just these central airs, pumping out the cool?

these are the latest in my belated attempts to ace the str club 2006. yes, i do realize that we are now knee-deep in 2007, but i am still working it.

yarn: str lightweight in titania
pattern: modified central air
mods: did these puppies toe-up on addi 1's, with 60 stitches, total, around; did a ribbing at the top; added the "gusset-y" thing e and i worked out for high insteps in toe-up, short-row heels.
who are they for? a certain special someone who is coming for a visit and to help us move later this month.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday = ?

Finished socks!!! Yay! I did look up for Prince, but the rest of it...whatever!


and toes.....

Pattern: My own toe up (figure-8 CO) pattern; K2P1 rib, 6 inch leg
Yarn: Sweet Georgia 'Velvet Underground' in Speed Demon
Needles: 2.75 mm for the toes, 2.5 mm for the heels, and 3.0 mm for all else
Fit: What do you think? Perfect!!!
Left overs: just enough for future mending!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I Like Cables

I like knitting socks and shawls and hats. I like lace and beads and picot edges. But, most of all I like cables. Here is the back of my latest cable project. It is the Pewter Coat from Interweave Knits Winter 2006 issue. Although the pattern called for a cashmere blend that cost $30/skein, I found a cheaper yarn. I'm using Knit Picks Andian Silk in cranberry.

This isn't the only project I've been working on in my absence. For Christmas I made a pair of socks for my sister. The pattern is a variation of the Rockin' Toe Up Sock pattern by Gail.

Yarn: Mountain Meadows Twizzle Sweet Pea
Needles: Addi Turbos size 2
Pattern: Rockin' Toe Up Socks
Stockinette stitch from toe to heel. 2x2 rib up the cuff. Knit in round halfway up the cuff and then split and knit back and forth. The cuff folds over at the point it splits in two. Clear beads around the top of the cuff. Clear bobble buttons to keep the cuff closed. I made loops using a small crochet hook for the buttonholes.