Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Is AI over with yet....

Top 3: Melinda, Jordin, Blake (sorry Lakisha, but Blake was good tonight, you'll be back in the top 3 next week!).
Bottom 3: Haley, Phil, Sanjaya (one can hope, can't they?), but probably Chris.

Simon, the traitor, who thought Sanjaya wasn't horrible...he doesn't have to say everything that he's thinking...crikey.

Sanjaya's tactic (brilliant...he'll be running for office some day, I'm sure) is to wait until the other contestants who have been giving 110% week after week, and whose voices are getting tired, to finally perform in a not so horrible manner...to eek out a few more votes and last another week...hate him. No, really, hate him.

My knitting was so tight tonight with Simon's crankiness against my girls (M, L and J), that I think I ended up 2 inches shorter than when I started!!

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Courtney said...

I so hear that. I am glad I am not the only one out there both frustrated and rooting for those three. I guess I should start voting, it is all just so wierd, usually it makes some sense but between Sanjaya, Haley and Phil, I am really starting to dislike this show.