Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hanukkah in May!

SIP post!! Yippy skippy! I started these STR Dreidel socks quite awhile ago! I finished the first one last week, and almost completed the second one over the long weekend...go figure the time difference!

A sassy picot cuff!

STR Dreidel (lightweight) in Lacy Zigzag pattern


Courtney said...

Lovely, I have been really drawn to these icy blue shades this spring.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful socks! I love how the ridge below your sassy picot cuff looks like beads and how the stripes zig and zag! But, darn, I either have to rethink my own Dreidel or buy another skein. ;-)

Wool Girl said...

Love your socks G! Gorgeous colorway!