Monday, September 17, 2007

Introducing Alberts

If you guessed anything resembling a Monkey sock yesterday, you were correct!

Generically known as STR 'Space Dust' Monkey socks.

These socks honor the first and most special astronauts, and with greatest affection are now known as Alberts.

Pattern: Monkey Socks by Cookie A.
Yarn: STR 'Space Dust' Medium weight
Needles: Addi Lace 2.5 mm
Mods: Picot cuff (is this really a modification anymore?), Eye of Partridge heel flap, and anatomical toes.


JulieFrick said...

LOVE that last photo! That's a gorgeous colorway.

Anonymous said...

love the alberts, girl - you are a big ole' monkey-head! and those anatomical toes. and the photos - geeeez, your photos are amazing. i agree with juliefrick - the last photo rocks the casbah...

Anonymous said...

Ooooh yes! That last photo is fantastic!

Thank you for your kind words regarding Sheeba. We miss her terribly and can't believe she's gone.

Wool Girl said...

Fantastic photos G! I love these socks!