Thursday, January 17, 2008

Max Attack

I bet you think this is the beginning of the second Teosinte sock, don'tcha'?

Nope. It's a Max toy!

Susanne asked about the countdowner to the Autumn equinox in the sidebar...I'm a dyed in the wool Fall/Winter girl...I can't wait for the Fall to reappear...autumn leaves, crisp air, fresh apples, steaming hot cocoa, heavy wool sweaters, wearing of all my handknit socks...I'm giddy already and I have 248 days to go!!

Happy Friday Eve!!!


Rani said...

I am always stunned by your speed and creativity!


Anonymous said...

Awww...Gibson isn't the only one with adorable, chubby kitty feet!
Your Autumn countdown is in the top 3 reasons I visit everyday! :-)

Wool Girl said...

I miss Autumn too! It's too cold right now. My joints are achy and I miss the sunshine! :( Why can't it stay autumn year round? Wouldn't that be nice? :)