Thursday, February 28, 2008

Of found needles and process knitting

For those of you who received a panicked call from me re: my "lost" needle case--found it. You don't want to know where or how...suffice it to say it now has my name in it if per chance it should actually be lost outside of the house; however some kind of tracking beacon would be more useful for in house displacement! Thank you all so much for looking around for it!!

We've had some progress on the knitting front. I had a vision for these socks.

Then I changed direction.

I don't know whether that was wise or not. At any rate...this is where I'm at for now. Frogging has been the exercise du jour this past week. And it might continue into next week. But that's ok. I'm enjoying the process.

Thank you for your thoughts about the heel. For this sock I decided to keep it as it was, without extending the slip1-knit1 patterning down into the heel turn. I have learned quite a bit about knitting lace flat and in the round from this humble little pattern.

Re: AI: Crikey. The two young women voted off should've had a chance to show their stuff another week. Lesser singers remain. No real surprises with the boys, except for my nemesis is still in the running...I swear if he is in the top 10 I might have to quit AI cold turkey. But they are doing Idol Gives Back again, and that makes up for a lot.


Anonymous said...

You could slip one of those key-finder alarms into your needles and whistle to set it off! ;-)
Love the beads!!!

Courtney said...

That is so funny. I need a beacon for in house loss of a lot of things.