Monday, October 20, 2008

Note to self

Dearest Self: I know how much you adore the autumn. "Adore" being an understatement of immense proportion! Having been born during autumn, I suspect you have red, orange, yellow and golden brown leaves creating your double-helix of genetic material.

Therefore, I implore you to please, oh please, take the last 2.5 weeks of October as vacation time in 2009!! Maybe add the first week of November for good measure (Mwahaha!).

Enjoy the leaves! Breathe in the crisp autumn air! Don't be rushed to get the shot!

Explore the nuances of leafness.

End your frustration of always being in the car going to work when the light is perfect...

...and the leaves are perfect. Just. Perfect.

Go to the beach in search of leaves. Hood River. Local parks. Grab your coat and scarf and take a walk with Mr. NK...wander the neighborhoods in NE and SE PDX with hot cocoa in one hand and his in another and stalk the best trees together!

Take the time to romp in the morning light...guilt free.

You have 337 days to plan your attack on Autumn 2009. Start now.

Just do it!

xo, Neuroknitter


Stella said...

Brilliant. We should all be thinking this way, really -- I'm far too prone to using up my vacation time in little fits and starts and never getting a true break. I recently had a big chunk of time off though, and I've gotta say that a "staycation" in Portland is pretty glorious.

Rani said...

It's sounds like a good plan for all of us. Especially the holding someone's hand and hot chocolate part.

From your Autumnal-kindred spirit,


ps. sigh.... your photos.... wow

Courtney said...

That's such a cute post! I love it!

Wool Girl said...

Can I join you? In DESPERATE need of vacation. Want one amongst those fall leaves and gorgeous photos...


IrishGirlieKnits said...

I was thinking the same as woolgirl...can you let me know which week is girls week so I can plan to be there too! Oh, to knit under those trees :)

Jean said...

What lovely thoughts, to have a fall with cool weather. (We are expecting the Santa Ana's again tonight - ARGH!!!) Santa Ana winds are hot and drying. The tree colors are spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Lovely as usual. I'm happy to be in Seattle right now to see what a proper Autumn looks like. We have the San Anas at home too and will leave the lovely cool weather on Thursday to go back to 80F if I'm lucky.

depravedyer said...

I'll join you for a wee bit of this autumn play since we share this lovely obsession with everything turning inward.