Monday, March 30, 2009

Frosty monday

I've turned the heel on the first Rimefrost sock.

I love this pattern. It actually knits up pretty quickly. I've actually started the second sock and am working the two of them in tandem. Twice the fun!

Saturday was a jammie day spent knitting and watching MI-5...kind of an oxymoron that one. If you're a fan of MI-5, you know that your knitting is put on hold during the exciting parts (i.e. you must look up and actually watch, not just listen) of the show, which if you're a fan you know that is darn near the whole program, except for opening and closing credits. I persevered; thank goodness for the rewind button, right!!?

Happy Monday!!


Courtney said...

That is so pretty!

badger said...

Hi Gail. We saw your parents a couple of weeks ago in Palm Desert. Wish I was back in the sun. Your pictures are so good!

Trista said...

Love your blog, first off. I am writing to comment on all things that are resonating about your post. I am waiting for the Rimefrost pattern to be released from Anne- I have my yarn ready and waiting- the exact yarn you two used! In fact I think I am waiting for you to finish the test knit, but no pressure!
I love to spend a weekend day in jammies with English shows and knitting. I know exactly what you mean about MI-5 and rewind! (Poirot, Miss Marple, Midsomer Murder, and for the really serious Wire in The Blood are all favorites for such days) Well, I just had to share and say thanks for the blog!

knitspot anne said...

oh those are such gorgeous photos of it!