Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's Flowers: Roger for Orange

A special post for a special person, Knitspot Anne.

Anne is launching her new pattern, 'Roger' today. The Roger sock is one of a new line of pattern designs that pays tribute to the awesome men who wholeheartedly give their support to the knitterly and fibery passions of the women in their lives.

Giving is the operative word here.

MS is close to Anne's knitterly heart, too, as her father died from it. She has long been a supporter of Claudia and for many years has run booster campaigns to help Claudia reach her donation goals. This year is no different. From today through June 25th, Anne is giving all the proceeds from the sales of this delectable pattern to support Claudia's MS ride. Anne you rock!!

And if that wasn't enough. Chris, of Briar Rose Fibers, the artist behind this amazing yarn and the wife of the namesake of these socks, is generously donating a wonderful basket of gifts (see...the giving thing's so easy to do) that will be gifted to one lucky (very lucky, indeed...go check out the basket here) pattern purchaser! Sweet!!

What more can I say? 'Roger' is quintessential Anne. The pattern is memorizable, fun, the fit is amazing, the fabric is squishy and comfy, and it's a quick knit! The Briar Rose yarn I used (thank you Anne and Chris!) is perfect for these socks, and the autumn color is perfect for moi!

So, if'n you need a new sock pattern for your summer knitting, please consider supporting Claudia and her Knitters Against MS team, as well.

If you're wondering about the orange's the color of MS.

Thank you Anne and Chris!! You ladies are awesome!!

True Charity, a plant divinely nurs'd
~William Cowper

Roger socks designed by Anne Hanson in Grandma's Blessing yarn from Briar Rose Fibers
Blooms courtesy of Babette's Garden 2009


knitspot anne said...

omg this is the MOST awesome post; thank you gail!!
so glad you enjoyed the grandma's blessing, too!

Kathleen said...

Just found your blog via Knitspot and love it! Please you must tell me the colorway number of the yarn you used for the Roger Sock. I love the colors as I'm very much an autumn person. Love the second sock you showed as well and can't wait to see it completed.

cupcakefaerie said...

I love orange. Thanks for letting me know about Roger. I may need to make the "Roger" in my life a pair and support the cause at the same time.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

I'm with cupcakefaerie on this one! Such a great pattern, great cause, and just feels good!

And the photoshoot....amazing!

Rani said...

What a beautiful and well laid post. The pictures are stunning and the idea of charitable knitters is so beautiful - Thanks for the information and links and lovely lovely flowers.

Nora said...

If I was in t "colour" this is how I'd want my photos to look - just stunning!

Nora said...

Sorry, that is ": in TO... ;)

tapmouse said...

I don't NEED more yarn or patterns, Gail! But I NEED a good reason and temptation to go ahead and get these, and what better reasons?!-lol! Love this post, the pattern, the gorgeous pictures, the yarn...and of course YOU! Need I go on?

Lolly said...

Those pictures are GORGEOUS!