Thursday, August 13, 2009

SS09: The Market from A to W

As I said yesterday, there aren't enough adjectives, adverbs or any other modifiers to describe the wonderfulness that was SS09! The people, the events, the marketplace...amazing. Truly, the greatest show on earth (until the next one...fingers crossed)!

There was some stash enhancement...but we'll save that for another day!! And did I tell you about all the people...old friends, new friends, luminaries...matriarchs of knitting really. I'm feeling faint again from the awe! Let's get started with some images from the market place; I'm still coming down from cloud 9 after having been able to meet up with so many wonderful people!

These are just a few of the "walls of color" of the over 150 that were present at SS09.



Carolina Homespun


Attitude Hats

Knitting Notions

Knitted Wit


Sweet Grass Wool

Wool Candy (I think some stash was purchased from here...more on that later!)

Convention center lighting is challenging at best, but I think you get the gist of it...every wavelength of color was represented and accounted for at the marketplace. Fiber from alpaca to bison to llama to merino to possum was available. Amazing.

There were so many vendors, and so little time. I know I missed seeing a lot of beautiful products; I'm glad I have my program book so that I can scour the internet to revisit these beautiful islands of color online!

Happy Friday-eve!!


L-B said...

You are sending me into my day with color overload! Much more stimulating than coffee!

IrishGirlieKnits said...

That's is Friday-eve!! Thank goodness for that!!

Wow! Such amazing colors! You captured them so well, and I don't think I got to even see all of those booths!!!

Sam said...

Great pictures! I completely forgot to take in pictures of the market. Too busy drooling I think. You captured the color explosion so well.

Susan Voegtly said...

Thank you so much for the very best SS09 photos!!! As close to being there as one can be without buying a plane ticket! Nice job sharing!!!!!

tapmouse said...

I have to say that I smiled and delighted in seeing all your lovely photos!

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing all the pics! It looks wonderful ~

hearthead said...

Yes, wasn't is AWESOME?!? I had a blast! It was so great to see you again...thanks for all of the beautiful pictures! It truly was a sea of color.

Unknown said...

Love your beautiful photo essay of the yarn market.

Rani said...

Awesome! OH, how I wish I could have gone! Maybe next year . . .

thanks for the photos!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Gorgeous photos! Yes, convention center lighting is challenging, but you rose to the challenge very well. Thanks for sharing another look!

cupcakefaerie said...

Beautiful! You captured the colors so well. My favorite is the Gossamer shot.

AfternoonMoon said...

Oh, that is truly stunning.
I am SOOOO keeping my fingers crossed for the next one!