Thursday, September 24, 2009

on the fence



Golden light on golden yarn.


These socks are a lovely new pair I'm test knitting for Anne!

The pattern is a lacey cable that sways right and left...just like grass in a breeze.

The Bugga yarn is a yummy enhancement from SS09, picked out by Terry! She did an outstanding job in choosing this color! It's perfect!!

Happy Friday-eve!!

Bugga yarn in 'Periodical Cicada'
sock design by Anne Hanson


Carolyn Parker said...

I can't just sit in silence–– the oohs and ashs are audible here. That ladybug too . . . Gail, you really bring yarn to a new level.

Rani said...

How very pretty. Now I'm thinking about butterscotch pudding. I wonder if it's hard to make from scratch....

cupcakefaerie said...

Look at you! Everything you knit (and shoot) comes out gorgeous!

tapmouse said...

Yep, that Cupcake Faerie sure has a good eye for some lovely colors! Loving your photoshoot of it, too! I read Tina's blog and pictured you, Tina and Terry with cameras in hand, trapzing through OFFF stalls (at least how I imagine OFFF to look like in my head), capturing all sorts of lovely shots!

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Such a gorgeous yarn for a gorgeous pattern!! Oh, fall is here!! Have a fabulous weekend at OFFF! I will miss you :)

Teresa said...

Beautiful! Love the yummy color, the pattern and your photos! Fall is everywhere. Enjoy! :)

Jean said...

Your use of light in these photographs is so enchanting. I love the way it plays and enhances the yarn.