Tuesday, November 09, 2010

weekend update

Did you all "fall back" successfully? Did you do anything fun with that extra hour? I knit, got some photography accomplished, and taught my cousin to knit...cool, huh? A new (and very talented) knitter was born! :)

I was so refreshed from that one hour (hah!) that I even started a new project yesterday. More on that later...

In sock news: my secret knitting is finished and my South Fork and Cinder Block socks are at the top of the sock-queue for finishing; heels have been turned on both!

I hope your week is going well!!

South Fork socks by Linda Welch in STR Sunkissed Sands
Cinder Block pattern by Anne Hanson in STR 'rare gem'


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

I thought the time change was going to get me a bit more back onto a normal schedule, but we spent the extra hour visiting with a friend who was in town. So I'd say we used it well, but I'm still on a whacky schedule :-)

Yay for converting another. It is so fun to introduce knitting to others.

Susan {Florali} said...

You make the happiest feet! I wish we were closer and you could teach me to knit (something other than k & p that is)

Rani said...

Mmmmmm. That colorway reminds me of yummy cups of coffee with cream.

LoriAngela said...

The time change hit people hard this time. We had doctors arguing in the hall and patients visitors all cranky. We nurses call them amateurs because we flip 12 hours at a time.

Judy S. said...

Somehow our extra hour just slipped away although it sure seems dark now in the afternoons, doesn't it? We spent most of the day at a choir workshop practicing Christmas music, a scary thought that. Great weather today though.

What size did you knit in the South Fork pattern? My usual size seems to be tighter than usual?