Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Something a little old...and a little new.

I started these quite awhile ago, never finished them, and thought I'd get them back in the active queue (and maybe finished!) before the end of the year. 

Intrepid Traveler, by me, in STR...I don't remember the color, but it isn't a rare gem or a mill I'm not a poopy! :)

If you see a tree as blue, then make it blue.
~Paul Gauguin


You know who in Cinti said...

Dearest Nonpoopy Intrepid,
Nope - your not. Just not an obsessed knitter. Your OCD traits must get all used up at your vocation - leaving your artists side for knitting, photos, and other endeavors. It's a lovely sock and pattern - and reminds me of summer.
Happy Thanksgiving - dear Turkey.
(a poopy alter-ego) Hugs!!!:^)

Andi said...

Only you can make me love blue. Many have tried and failed! When I see your knitting, I always think..maybe blue. :) Beautiful!

Linda said...

Hi Gail! Your Intrepids are so lovely--I know I started this pattern a while back...I must dig through my WIP's and finish these. I love the pattern!

Your photos are so inspiring to me, I am going to put a macro lens on my Christmas list this year. Would you please tell me what lens you like to use? All the numbers are just confusing to me. Thanks so much!