Tuesday, July 23, 2013

summer sizzle

I stopped by the river on the way home yesterday.
I couldn't take the heat a minute more.

I was also looking for somewhere to photograph the new sock.
New, as in just started, not new as in a new pattern!

I'm dubbing these summer sizzle...apropos for my sixth pair of toasty twist socks, yes?!
The yarn? 
BMFA STR...in a rare gem...or maybe a mill end...whatever gets me out of trouble
with you know who! :)

You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late. 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson  


Judy S. said...

STR is great; you sure have an impressive stash! Nice river photo!

Anonymous said...

That is just luscious, whether mill end or rare gem - you hot poop! You have done well by it with the pattern. I thought perhaps it would at least be comfortable weather-wise up your wa. Southern Ohioians got a steam treatment today with intermittent showers that created steam on all surfaces followed by sun and low 90's. But tonight is fine! Lovely to have the heat spell break without mega storms. (My words, not my puppy's)Glad to see your visible knitting again. But you know you're a ..... again! Hugs, and stay cool!

Willow said...

There could be never to much Toasty Twist Socks! Its such a lovley pattern and goes well with this STR.

I dont't like the heat, too. Here in Germany its way to hot and not one drop of rain for weeks!

Bobbie Casey said...

Oh dear, I have been bitten by that bug again. . .those socks are to dye for, hehe. I just tried to track the yarn down. I did just get that pattern.
As always, you and your work inspire me beyond belief.
I needed that, trust me.
Your photography is so so beautiful. Thank you so much for being you.
xoxo Bobbie