Monday, January 06, 2014


Where there's tea there's hope. 
~Arthur Wing Pinero

Every now and again one has to refresh one's own self.
What one does - is - well - up to that one.
Me...I like to explore cafes with knitting, pens, or other items in hand and take photos.
I find this thoroughly entertaining and I can completely lose track of all time and all problems,
and by the time I pack up and leave, I feel refreshed.

What do you do to feel refreshed?

off the fence socks by me in STR 'hope springs eternal'


CintiSusan said...

Me too!!! But - tea?? Hmmm. I am aware that it is offered at one of our favorite coffee enablers - but I do not understand why - unless you are allergic to that black nectar of the God's, Or a whole lot more Celtic than I am - which I think is biologically impossible. :^) As my English/Welsh mother would say - I know when I am sick - I make tea! Snort! Hug - and have a great day!

Jennifer said...

Ahh, tea and knitting...swoon. I find your pictures/quotes so well balanced and kind of uplifting. Thank you.