Tuesday, December 13, 2005

And then there were four...

Well, here I am. The fourth "heart-er" of yarn! I've been contemplating the topic of my first post. Wool Girl suggested I let you know about my stash enhancing expedition in San Francisco this past weekend (actually a few weekends ago by the time I finished this dang post!)! I visited the lovely Artfibers design studio. My overflowing stash now includes a cone of perfect, pristine red Kyoto, a ball of "Tsuki" in a lovely pale lavender mohair/silk, and some lovely supersoft baby alpaca for a hat for my dear sweet fiber hubby. My friend Linda also enhanced her stash quite adequately while at Artfibers!! The ladies at Artfibers were quite patient with all of our decision making processes (i.e. touch everything at least three times, and then going back and touching everything all again for good measure!)!!

So, what have I finished recently?
1. Traditional socks in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock "Fire on the Mountain" . They look a tad mis-shapen, that is because I change the stitch count and needle size in the foot so I can get a custom fit. Believe me, when I wear them, they fit my foot perfectly!!!

This is a close-up of the short row heel I use.

2. A single traditional sock in STR "Alina", and the second is started, no SSS here!!! The goal is to finish these over the holiday ;)

3. Jaywalkers in STR "Banded Agate" were completed in San Francisco--what better place to block socks than in downtown SF!!!

The pair to the right are mine. Knit Fiend's lovely sock is in STR "Alina" to the left. You can see another view in Knit Fiend's 12/27/2005 post!!!

See that little bud of a Jaywalker in STR "Fire on Mountain"? Well, it became the traditional pair of sockies seen above....Sigh.

I'm a big sock knitter, but I have also recently finished

4. An Estonian Lullaby baby blanket in Cascade 220 superwash (you can see this in Wool Girl's 12/11/2005 post).

5. And numerous fair-isle baby hats for the many babies born and adopted this past year!!

What's on the needles, waiting patiently?

1. Lacy leaf scarf from spring '05 VK in STR "Falcon's Eye" that is over three-quarters complete. I love the pattern, I love the yarn, I love to knit, I love to start new projects....hmmmm, I don't wonder---I know why it isn't quite done yet :)

2. A San Juan Islander Seaman's scarf (based on Rosario) in a lovely shade of teal in Elsebeth Lavold angora

What will probably get cast on prior to finishing the Lacy leaf and Seaman's scarves?

1. Rowan River in Douceur et Soie in a turquoise color
2. Fiddlesticks knitting pattern, Lacy Lattice Stole in baby cashmere in Claret from Elann
3. More traditional socks in STR, you can't have too many!!
4. A Branching Out scarf done in Elann baby cashmere and Art Fibers "Tsuki" carried together

Well. There you have it. My very first post. Woo-hoo!!! Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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