Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Holidays?

So, just wanted to check in to see how the Holidays were for everyone? Hope you all had a wonderful time with family, friends, and food. :)

I wanted to pass on a great Happy Holiday story...well, sort of not so happy, but funny none the less.....

Our downstairs toilet was acting up before the holidays....like several weeks before the holidays, and it kept getting clogged more and more, and then after awhile the water would never go down. It was clogged all through Christmas, and we finally had to break down and get a roto rooter involved, unfortunately. (Luckily, my dad owns a roto rooter, so there was no charge, but it was gross!)

After coming downstairs to find out how the roto rootering was going, my dad stated that it was no wonder we had a plumbing problem, as he had found a ball of yarn deep within the sewage line! And, to my dismay, it was a nice ball of Noro that I could have sworn I had purchased a month or so back. I thought I had lost my mind! Thinking (no, knowing!) that I had purchased a skein of yarn and not being able to find it!

You may be wondering how a skein of yarn ends up in the toilet? Well, for those of you who have cats, you can fully understand. I guess if anyone else had to have fun with that ball of yarn, I'm glad it was my cat. :)

Happy Holidays!


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