Friday, July 21, 2006

bye, bye, miss american pie

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Meet Sula the Hula. Sula has lived in our car for years now, her hula skirt is faded, her face is a bit sunburned, but, oh, how we love her.


okay, now that i got that out of my system. blogger sucks sometimes. sucks big-time. i wrote this really sweet post (you’ll just have to believe me) with amazing photos, much more wit than even i could believe, and – whammo! gone. into the ether. forever.

so what was I talking about? oh, yeah, sock hop yarn. the wonderful, unique, absolutely gorgeous sock hop yarn. to say that i love this yarn would be kind of an understatement; this is some amazing stuff. i have always admired the hand-made-ness of handspun, although i have never spun and have never knitted with handspun. there is something that is comforting, real, even authentic about handspun yarn. i love the fact that, many times, the yarn is not uniform in thickness; it just looks like nothing else. in fact, in a local knitting store that is no more, i commented to the owner, who had a wheel set up with her own handspun in process, that i loved the thick-and-thin-ness of it, to which she replied, yeah, that’s not what i am going for. other spinning knitters have told me that when you start spinning, you aim for uniformity in your spinning, and once you achieve it, you start to long for the ability to do thick-and-thin.

so, sock hop. whoa. as i mentioned in my previous post, i casted on two very different toes on the way to montana. while increasing for the second one, i kept saying, S, J, (husband, sister), do these look different to you? does this one look, like TWICE as big as the other? to which they replied ‘well, yeah, but you should leave it’ (S) and, ‘don’t you have, like, 20 other projects in your knitting bag? just forget about that for a while and work on something else’ (J). i eventually listened to both, and decided to put it aside until post-honeymoon, but i did think about those toes. i am not one to mind fraternal twins in my knitting. i am definitely not the kind of knitter who will re-knit something 20 times, just so she can get the stripes to work perfectly. i don’t mind pooling; i never have consciously attempted to cast on two socks at the same place in the yarn; and if the socks don’t match, so be it. but two different sizes? not so sure about that. it's a bit much, even for me. the beauty and the beast in hand-spun, i guess, is that it is NOT uniform. so, last friday, i frogged. oh, yeah, i frogged those toes good.

pre-frogged, differently-sized toes

the solution: socks that rock, doubled, as the toe! (seen in spinel, from the knitting olympics fair isle socks)

and that sock hop, in full glory - american pie colorway


Jennifer Lori said...

Great colors in that sock! I hate when Blogger crashes on me...sometimes I resort to "saving as draft" in the middle of a post if I think I've typed something relatively witty or memorable. (In my head, anyways).

Wool Girl said...

Love these socks S! WOW! What great colors! Glad you had that Spinel just hanging around! :)