Wednesday, July 26, 2006

on casting on

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Knitting-wise, I finally feel like I am back. Sure, the socks that I was working on prior to the wedding are still languishing on the needles, with both heels turned, all ready for the legs and cuff, but, let's not dwell on the negative, okay? I have a finished object. American Pie Sock Hope #1 is complete. And I love it. So very very much. This yarn is oh, so thick and sproingy and vibrant and cushy. The second will go like a dream - turn the heel, knit the leg, cast off, and I am done.

As you may have noticed on the rest of the world wide web, the latest installment of the Socks that Rock sock club has hit the streets, and, bing-bing-bing! It’s a definite winner. The yarn is absolutely gorgeous – short color repeats, so I don’t anticipate a ton of striping; super-duper-softicity, which feels like a dream; a beautiful color combination; and, to top it all off, the pattern is da bomb. Lacey anklets. Yummy. I decided to actually FOLLOW the pattern this time, and let me tell you, casting on for the magic loop on addi 0s for the first time ever? It’s a bitch. On my first attempt, I had these massive jogs along both joins, so I played a bit of Frogger last night, and attempt #2 ain't bad (you'll just have to take my word for it, because, just because i am back as a knitter does NOT mean my blogging skills are up to par).

Speaking of casting on (and getting to the point of this post), this weekend I decided to cast on for a cotton project (it was hotter than blue blazin's here in the Pacific NW). In a weak moment, one filled with adoration for wendy from knit and tonic (that girl is TALENTED as all get-out), I pay-pal’ed my way to owning a copy of her Fad Classic vest/tank-toppy thing. This weekend, in an attempt to ‘beat the heat,’ I decided cotton was waaaay better than homespun merino. So I swatched. And swatched. And swatched. I ended up with 5 different swatches in 2 different yarns. In swatching, I realized that it has been at least 8 months since I actually CASTED ANYTHING ON. Yes, you read that right – what with the toe-up socks, using the figure-eight method, and my "all shawls, all the time," addictions of 2006, casting on just simply has not been in the cards for quite a while. Speaking of "a while," it took me one of those to re-remember and get comfortable with the whole casting-on thing again. Weird, huh? Back to wendy’s pattern, though – that woman is a smart cookie. The pattern is written such that there is no seaming, and as much of it as possible is done in the round. As an added bonus, the stitch pattern is both easy to memorize AND uber-attractive. I casted on this weekend, and joined the front and back while watching Sopranos last night (we are nearing the end of Season 3),

and am looking forward to spending some quality time with it at airports and on airplanes beginning tomorrow. We are heading to the great American Midwest, for a wedding in beautiful Columbus, Ohio. We are looking at a great deal of plane-time, so I consulted the NK this morning about what projects should make the trip with me. She gave me wise and sage advice. The Fad Classic, American Pie Sock Hop #2, and the newest STR Sock Club yarn and pattern are all climbing in my purse for the weekend. Which will be finished? Who will prevail? Or will everyone lose this round? Stay tuned to next week's installment to see...


Neuroknitter said...

Sproingy is my new favorite word. ;)

Wool Girl said...

I really love your sock hop socks! :)