Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mystery sweater....

Hmmm...a little bit of red!!! Some design books....what could it be??

Cables maybe???

It's a mystery sweater, where is Poirot when you need him?! Mystery sweater was designed and knit by me to be a project in an upcoming book, hence no pics before publication!! Mystery sweater has been galavanting around the country (Oregon to Tennessee to Colorado and back to Oregon...more travel than I've done this year!) and has been posing for glamour shots...she has become quite the diva at this point!! Mystery sweater arrived home under wraps and away from the paparazzi awhile ago. She is enjoying a brief respite in an undisclosed location after her brief fling as a celebrity. Mystery sweater will resume her celeb-lifestyle a little later this year...stay tuned for her opening night foray down the red carpet here at weheartyarn.

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