Tuesday, February 06, 2007


is it feeling a bit...chilly in here?

who turned up the a.c.? or is it just these central airs, pumping out the cool?

these are the latest in my belated attempts to ace the str club 2006. yes, i do realize that we are now knee-deep in 2007, but i am still working it.

yarn: str lightweight in titania
pattern: modified central air
mods: did these puppies toe-up on addi 1's, with 60 stitches, total, around; did a ribbing at the top; added the "gusset-y" thing e and i worked out for high insteps in toe-up, short-row heels.
who are they for? a certain special someone who is coming for a visit and to help us move later this month.

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Wool Girl said...

What a lucky special someone!