Sunday, December 03, 2006


DH and I went to southern CA last week to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my parents. Also joining us were my sisters and some dear friends of the family. Great fun was had by all! There was way too much food! And of course tons of knitting (not well documented in the'll just have to trust me!)

Following is a picture heavy recap of the holiday fun!

DH Pete, sister Laurie, and mom.

Laurie, who briefly gave up some knitting time to stitch up the
dressing inside the turkey! Yum!

Pete coveting the pumpkin cranberry bundt cake my sister
Jill baked earlier....double yum....

The finished bird!

Leonard, the master carver!!

Myrna, DH and Alice!

Dad (left) and Dan.

Obligatory knitting content:

Laurie (left) and Jill. Yes, they're twins!!!

I hope your holiday was as fun as mine!


Anonymous said...

So sweet and smiley you all are!

shannon said...

i love seeing your famdangly, g. what a great holiday you had.