Thursday, August 16, 2007

Odds and Ends

Odds...a wee bit...take a closer look....

Cool! Mr. NK and his eagle eyes pointed this ad out to me last night! Mr. NK sees everything except for my ever expanding stash!! I heart him!

and ends...getting to the end of one ball of worries, there's plenty more where that came from!! Correct!!! It is not a short row's an Eye of Partridge heel flap ala L-B, thanks L-B!

You might have noticed a new link in the sidebar...the ALS Association of Oregon and SW Washington. ALS is very close to our hearts. The Portland Walk to d'Feet ALS fund raiser takes place on September 9, 2007. Many states have their own chapters and host their own Walks.
Mr. NK and I will be supporting Pat Newman's Gang. We invite you to join us in defeating ALS.


Rani said...

My God! You've been busy! And I finished 2 sock cuffs. Hmph.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your yarns.

Stella said...

That ad is so, so excellent. It makes me want to go to Produce Row right now.

Nice to see you (and your monkeys) in person yesterday!

Wool Girl said...

I love the new heel! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Good eyes,Mr.NK!
I would have been right over to Produce Row Cafe to unmask the knitters' identities!