Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A year in review

2007 is over.

We had fun: Forty two-and-some-change socks were knit! We were top down; we were toe up! One baby blanket was designed and knit. Picots totally ruled!! My Red Aran sweater design went public. Shawls were started. Gibson!! Autumn leaves. Reds. Greens. Pinks!! Golds. Blues.

We joined: Rockin Sock Club 2007, Summer of Socks, National Blog Posting Month, Ravelry.

We cried: Virginia Tech. The passing of a mother of a friend. Bridges. Angel-Heidi. Floods. A beloved singer-songwriter silenced.

We supported: Claudia's fantastic ride for MS! Rose's memorial walk for Pat and ALS. Prostate Cancer.

We celebrated: Anniversaries. Kayak building. Beach trips. Birthdays. Baby hats were knit and their recipients were born. Marriages. We are so proud of Jen, and Shannon and Emily who are following their dreams. New friends, and old friends!!

And the cycle continues.

Thank you so much for stopping by We Heart Yarn! Your comments and support are appreciated so very much. We wish you a very Happy New Year and hope your 2008 is filled with love and joy, good health, a never ending supply of fibery goodness, and peace.


Tammy said...

Happy New Year G. It has been a special year and I look forward to this one even more!

ivy c. said...

Happy New Year. I've enjoyed reading your blog and you've inspired me to knit more socks. 21 pairs, wow!

Anonymous said...

happy new year, g. hope 08 is as great as 07.

the new blog design is a-freaking-mazing - i heart it...

smooches - see you soon

Rani said...

Happy New Year! Wow - 40+ socks! SHeesh! You hold the bar high.

Anonymous said...

So glad I've become part of the knitting world. Thank you to neuroknitter for inspiring me and helping this knitting newbie along the way. LOVE the blog!

Wool Girl said...

Love your new blog design G! WOW! Happy New Year and all the best for a wonderful 2008! Can't wait to try that gargantuan piece of cake in 2008! :)

Courtney said...

Happy New Year to you!

The blog looks great!

I really look forward to tuning in to We Heart Yarn!