Friday, March 28, 2008

Crazy day!

Yesterday, we had Purple Rain at lunchtime .

snow off and on all day, including on the drive home!


Sunstone by evening.

Progress is being made on the sock front...the "Shadow Knows" shawl is languishing alongside its BFF "The Bee". And because I belive in the orderliness of odd numbers, particularly threes, this little beauty should be winging it's way to me next week! I could not pass up that way, no how!! I've told the Shadow and the Bee to make room for one you think they'll listen? LOL!

On the AI front, we said bye to Chikizie this week. Bummer, I rather liked him. Jason was in the bottom three, hopefully he heard the wakeup call; Carly was safe, and I expect the Davids, Brooke and Michael to hang in there! Kristy will be around a wee bit longer as next week has Dolly Parton as the mentor...ok, I looooove Dolly, we saw her in concert a year or two ago-awesome! But Kristy...not so much. Sigh.

We are off to the beach today! So, if I don't see you before, I will be back with gusto on Monday!! Have a most awesome weekend everyone!


Rani said...

That orange looks yummy enough to eat.

How many projects do you typically have going at the same time?! You seem to crack off so much stuff.

Hope you had a good beach rest!


Leslie said...

Beautiful colors!

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Love the two colorways for your socks right now! Hope you get to the beach safely with that weather! Enjoy :)

That shawl is going to be gorgeous!

Courtney said...

Oooh who doesn't love Dolly?