Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random Wednesday

I am very delinquent in posting! Ack! It was a busy weekend, and the week has continued in kind. Knitting has been slow this week, however progress is being made.

I had to aim for an interesting photo as 8 rows doesn't really warrant a full-on photoshoot! I give you Garden Path socks in a garden.

This is a small garden I found off one of the patios in a new building on campus. It's a great spot for lunch as the view of Mt. Hood is the best bar none, and the windows are big and allow a lot of light to stream in when the rain dictates indoor seating rather than out.

These flowers were on two different plants. I don't know if the green is just an older version of the white one. Interesting that the view of them is so similar, as my orientation in taking the two photos was decidedly not! :)

I am Anne Elliot!

I am not vexed by this...although to be Elizabeth Bennet (i.e. MRS. Darcy) for even a single day, would be...well... beyond the reach of my vocabulary, apparently!

A little AI speak...I'm happy with the top 12 as you might imagine. Last night's performances were surprisingly good and surprisingly not so good. I think cute little David A. will survive despite forgetting the lyrics (which in past years has been criteria enough for voting the contestant off!)...Chikezie was fun...we liked Michael Johns better than the judges...I suspect it might be good-bye to Kristi from Oregon or David Hernandez.


Courtney said...

I finally caught the end of AI last night and the girl from Oregon was pretty bad, her risk didn't pay off. I felt sorry for her.

Wool Girl said...

Boy you really called it tonight, didn't you? I was really hoping Kristi from Oregon would go tonight, as she was horrid last night. I think it's only a matter of time though. One more week of her, I guess. Can she turn it around next week?

IrishGirlieKnits said...

I have to agree with Woolgirl. You called in on American Idol. I'd have to agree. Although I think Irishgirlie (hehehe!) had a great night Tuesday night...I've liked her all along, but she did really well Tuesday. Definately have a few faves.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are making me actually look forward to Spring!
Okay, I'll accept this Winter of puny snows.
Bring on the Spring of abundant blooms!