Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday's Flowers: Summer Crops

Isn't it wonderful how with a little sun and water the buds of spring

transform themselves into the fruits of summer?

Given enough warmth and time this little flower

turns into these juicy berries.

Summer has been generous with her bounty. The blackberry bushes are laden with fruit and finally coming into their prime. Our one dwarf blueberry bush is overflowing with gigantic berries. The tomatoes are growing plumper and plumper on the vine, soon to turn red (hopefully!). Our mini strawberry plant has been bearing mini fruit since early June!

Tomorrow is Saturday. Market day. We have a ritual of going to the local cafe for breakfast and walking across the street to the local Farmer's market. The flowers and produce have been phenomenal.

We're still getting tomatoes from the grocery store. But with a little more time and patience, we'll be picking them from our own vines!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!


Wool Girl said...

Lovely photos! Makes me want to come to your house for berry pie! :)

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Berry pie sounds yummy too!! Those pictures are amazing!!

hearthead said...

Berry Beautiful!