Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Picots and Petals

Some progress has been made on sock #2 of the Fall Back aka Spring Forward socks. I love this pattern! These lilies were available at the local Farmer's market last Saturday, and of course they made it home with me as the color reminded me of something...hmm...could it be the current socks in progress? be perfectly honest...I always carry my SIPs with me, and while at the market I match them to the produce and flora...I'm sorry, did someone whisper "obsessed"??

I hope you're not running for cover at more lily pictures...I promise, once the tomatoes ripen I will switch obsessions course!

And IGK, resistance is futile...cast on, already!! You can do it all!! I know you can :)

Knit on!


hearthead said...

What, something other than Monkey? Way to go ouside the box! j/k!
Love these too!

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Definately not obsessed...More like talented! And while we are at it, a pro enabler..... but I won't be swayed by gorgeous pictures...I can hold out to cast on after the Olympics... I can. I can. I will. Which box is the brick in?? :)