Tuesday, September 09, 2008

de novo

Something new is on the horizon.

The yarn is a rare gem from BMFA. I love the colors. The pattern is Teosinte from the awesome Anne Hanson at knitspot. I'm dubbing the socks "Summer's Edge".

Summer is waning and the brisk autumn days are rapidly approaching. Although the days are still warm, the mornings are edged with a slight chill, telling us that change is afoot.

Little hints of cinnamon and bronze in the mass of green remind me of the first leaves taking the plunge back to earth. The flashes of gold and pink resemble the last of the flowers in the garden exulting in their bloom. Summer will soon be behind us, with autumn just a moment away.

Summer's edge...There's no better place to be.


Carol said...

Stunning socks. This blog is truly an inspiration.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Well, autumn is a slightly better place to be than summer's edge, but I'll give it to you!

Oh, your used to be monkey socks! I ordered this pattern back when you were knitting a few of them! I should get it out and give it a go!! That color is gorgeous too!!

Anya said...

What a beautiful colourway.
I'm enjoying reading your blog and so I've nominated you for a Brilliant Blog Award. Details on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Could you name the color you're using? Like all your choices this one is beautiful too

Rani said...

I was going to say - you should be a poet, but you already are. You hit it spot on- summer's edge. That's exactly it. Very pretty colorway.

Jill L said...

love the socks -- the name goes perfect with the yarn.

hearthead said...

Beautiuful color!