Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn Joy

Today is the first day of autumn! Yay!

This weekend I was invited by a very special friend to go on a walk with our cameras in tow to capture the sights along a country road in the glorious autumnal light of late afternoon.

It was a beautiful afternoon...blue skies and a slight breeze...we love the autumn, and this was a perfect way to celebrate its beginning! We're both posting our captures so that you can see the 'whole' picture!

This little spider was quite the acrobat!

she deftly moved from one perch...

...to another.

She wasn't the only thing that was literally suspended in thin air!

There are many things that define the transition from summer to autumn.

The change in the light is the most striking.

The sun casts a lovely warm glow

that seems to intensify all the colors in the spectrum.

falling leaves
hide the path
so quietly
~John Bailey

Look at that blue sky!! Awesome!

Don't be fooled. Nature isn't quite done with these leaves just yet.

They still have a purpose.

This little spider was hunkered down, sound asleep

in her leafy cradle.

The colors of autumn are just beginning to emerge.

the orangey-red of the leaves,

red berries,

and the red ladybugs playing in the last of the white Queen Anne's lace.

Sunset came too fast. Our walk came to an end. But, we have a plan to return to catch the morning light and see what we can see!

I hope you enjoyed seeing our walk through my eyes! Please go see the beauty that Tina captured through her eyes.

Happy Autumn everyone!!! I hope your season is filled with brisk days and blue skies, steaming cocoa with whipped cream, hearty soups, crisp apples and sweet pears, beautiful leaves spiraling about your feet, warm woolies to keep the chill out, and all things that bring Autumn Joy to your hearts!

A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


depravedyer said...

love you!

cupcakefaerie said...

How awesome! Thank you for sharing.

Happy autumn!

JelliDonut said...

These photos are beautiful! Thanks for posting them.

Jean said...

I so enjoyed these photos, they brought about a joy that just filled my heart. I so appreciate beauty. Thank you for sharing.

Rani said...

It's visual poetry. Your pictures tell such a beautiful story. The closing of summer and blooms and green - but still there is life with the spiders, the ladybug, the light. Just wonderful.

Unknown said...

What a joyous day you two had!

Thanks for sharing. Those spider phots especially are fun.

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely walk with us. All of your photos are gorgeous, but I think the one of Tina is the best :)

knitspot anne said...

oh that sounds like a wonderful afternoon! the light is so pretty; time to get the new shawls out for a session (when our drizzly gray weather ends). i've been noticing the spiders here too; they have been traveling through thin air in the middle of the yard on very long threads; it's a little weird, i can't figure out what they are connected to . . .!

Carolyn Parker said...

I luv it all, but the ladybugs look especially adorable in the autumn light,

IrishGirlieKnits said...

The itsy bitsy spider is totally creeping me out!! Eek!! So cool, but soo....icky!!! hehehehe

Seriously, happy autumn!! I thought of you today when my Gail's Autumn Joy STR and BFL showed up in my mailbox! I'm such a happy girl (almost, just almost, makes up for missing OFFF this year!).

Looks like you and our depraved dyer had a fantastic walk! And I love that last picture of her :)

Claire said...

That is a gorgeous picture of Tina - it is just so.... her!
I miss you all.
xx Claire