Thursday, May 20, 2010


It's been busy around chez NK these days. A secret knitting project is taking the majority of my time...but I can always squeeze in a wee...a very wee bit...of public knitting.

Have you noticed my wordless wednesdays have become just "wordless"? It's because I fear not being able to get a new post up on Thursday, and it bugs me to have a 'Wednesday' post continue into Thursday, or worse yet--Friday! Since I made the change, I've been successful with Thursday posts...go figure.

We said "bye" to Casey on AI last night. I'm actually kinda sad. Oh well...He'll land on his feet I'm sure.

The rains returned to the Pacific NW with a vengeance tonight...but the roses...ahhh....a sign of hope for the summer that is surely on its way!

'Port Ludlow' pattern (soon to be released) by Anne Hanson
BMFA STR light in 'Lenka'

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