Thursday, November 18, 2010

ivy vines

I took these images over a period of two days...drizzle and light drizzle. Luckily I missed the deluge that was yesterday!
Still, I wish I could've been wearing the cowl rather than photographing it.
The cowl is Ivy Vines by Anne.
This pattern and the yarn, Great Northern Yarns 70% mink/30% cashmere has been on my to do list for a long, loooong time. I even bought the pattern twice I loved it so much!
The yarn is a beautiful red, so soft and with a lovely light halo. Scrumptious!
I hope you've had a good week! Happy Friday-eve!
Let the rain kiss you.
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.
Let the rain sing you a lullaby.
~Langston Hughes


marcy said...

I just finished an Ivy Vines in navy Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK. Turned out great--now I may just have to make one in red, too! Enjoy.

Judy S. said...

I love anything red and Anne's patterns are great. Nice work! Like the other one too!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Beautiful pattern...and mink?! I'll bet that's really soft!

Anonymous said...

So very pretty. I love how you captured the halo in the photos in the unfocused areas.
The color and pattern compliment your photos. Dramatic beauty.

I thought I was the only one with multiple pattern purchases? Hehe