Friday, February 10, 2012

bright lights, big city

Actually...a city park...on a gloriously sunny afternoon last weekend.

A preview of things to come...

...finished socks...

...and Spring!

Wishing you a bright and wonderful weekend! xo

O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?
~Percy Bysshe Shelley   

Mad Color Weave sock pattern by Tina Lorin in Becoming Art Agave yarn in 'Sanguine Sky'


April Jeffers Pettit said...

The color of your sock is beautiful! I love the way it seems to pop and its very springy :) Congrats on the finish

Rani said...

I can almost smell that warm air blowing up from the south.

Maryse said...

It's pretty cold here today! I don't think Spring is close behind or at least, it's very shy! ;-)