Tuesday, February 14, 2012

be mine

My Mr. NK is the bestest!
He can pull off the Brooklyn Tweed look like there's no tomorrow!

He does the happy dance  even when it's gray.

Did I mention that he's a comedian extraordinaire?!! 
(no models were hurt, but we don't suggest you try this without adult supervision!)

What more could a girl ask for in her Mr. NK??

Happy Valentine's Day!!xo

Love puts the fun in together,
the sad in apart,
and the joy in a heart.
~Author Unknown

The hat...you want to know about the hat?? It's the Christopher hat knit in MadTosh Vintage


Discoknits said...

You guys are cute and funny :0) Happy Valentine's Day!

dianne said...

Mr. NK looks like quite a character! Happy Valentine's Day to both of you!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Happy Valentine's Day!

Woolgirl Sock Club Members said...

Oh what a cutie Mr. NK is in his Brooklyn Tweed hat! He needs to take up modeling! :) Happy Hugs and Hearts to you both this Valentine's Day!

Woolgirl and Woolboy

April said...

Happy Valentines day!!! I'm glad to see that Mr. NK and yourself or as happy as me and my Silver_Mane. Many more years of as much happiness as you can handle to ya!

Rani said...

Happy Heart Day!!!! What a happy bunch of pictures!

Allison said...

That hat, the yarns (and the Mister) are fantastic! Hope you had a lovely day.

CintiSue w/o poop said...

Great Combination - both of you!
Happy Mush!

Maryse said...

Loved your post! Cherish your man dear! xx