Tuesday, May 01, 2012

change of place

The Redbud socks are coming along.
I have a few days of travel ahead of me...I'm thinking they have a good chance of being finished next time you see them...

...that is if all the fun here doesn't poop me out too much!! Is anyone else going to the MSWF??

Happy Tuesday!! Happy May Day!!
See you next week!

Voyage, travel, and change of place impart vigor.


fjord girl said...

You lucky duck! Have a great time.
Please tell us about your travels when you return. (I used to be a judge at the Rhinebeck wool festival- sooo much fun)

dianne said...

Have a great time! I hear that's a great festival. I would have to say that unless you're bringing other projects to work on too, your redbud socks will totally get finished. It is a quick and fun pattern! I cast on a few days ago and am already at the heel with limited knitting time, but I do love it!

gMarie said...

Beautiful socks. Enjoy the fiber festival. Did you make the beautiful button in the first photo? g

Willow said...

Oh, you lucky woman :-) sure you will have a lot of fun at the festival! And with those beautyful sock in the bag, what can go wrong? :-)

I love sheep♥ There was a time when i worked with my dog on sheep. I guess there was founded my wolladdiction

Judy S. said...

Safe travels, Gail! Have fun, too.

PenCraft said...

Is that beautiful button a sock feature? I guess I better go look at that pattern! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work--knitting, pattern and color choices and photography!

Maryse said...

I've discovered May Day this week! I have been in Oakland visiting a client and we went home (well me at the hotel) at 2pm that day. These socks are so beautiful!