Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I'm back....re-entry bites.

I'm slowly...very slowly...catching up at home and at work.

A good amount of knitting was accomplished while at the MSWF...the first Spring Twist sock is finished and the second started...same for the Redbud socks.

Check out Marion...we're doing a mini KAL with the Toasty Twist pattern. Aren't hers lovely?!

There was a little stash acquisition accomplished, too...pics later!
That's all for now...ohhhh....I almost forgot...the baked goods you see here:
Chouquettes from here...yum!!

I long, as does every human being,
to be at home wherever I find myself.
~Maya Angelou 


Anonymous said...

Oh! Squeeeee!! Socks are turning out just lovely! Lovely eatery treats as well! You go girl!

Bobbie Casey said...

So joyful, all of it! and what is that little wheel in the change of place post on the sock? Very cool.

Willow said...

Mmmmm, yummie ;-) the baked goods look very appealing. As do your Toasty Twist Socks♥

CintiSusan said...

Welcome back! Blame the cross country time change! Want the goodies!! Your worse than late evening TV commercials!! Pooper!