Sunday, December 23, 2012

still a thrill

When I no longer thrill to the first snow of the season, I'll know I'm growing old. 
~Lady Bird Johnson  

We had a wee flurry of snow the other day. It was still a thrill to be sure!!

What are you doing on this penultimate Sunday of 2012?

We're grabbing a sweet moment of quietude after a very busy week. Reading and blogging with steaming coffee at hand ... the fur-kids are curled up and snoozing ... and musical playlists are shuffling along.
Just as it should be ... on the penultimate Sunday of 2012. 

I hope you're able to grab a wee spot of quiet this day, too!


dianne said...

A beautiful snow just in time for Christmas :-) I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Willow said...

Oh Yes, it was raining all day. Means, the perfect day to do all that, what you've mentioned :-)

Wish you a merry Christmas♥

Rani said...

That is a CRAZY COOL picture!