Friday, March 01, 2013


The big reveal...not so big really...
I had a hankering for working up another pair of Holidazed socks.

You know me...I can't resist an easily memorizable pattern.
I haven't knit this pattern in quite awhile,
and thought it would be a nice break from the 'usual suspects' of patterns seen in these parts!

The yarn?

It's the January offering from the RSC...Portland Plaid.

On my to do list this weekend is a seminar on landscape photography, an evening with friends,
and brunch with sisters and a friend...pretty social for this homebody!

And you? Any fun plans you'd care to reveal?? 

I hope you have a great weekend!

Friendship improves happiness, 
and abates misery, 
by doubling our joys, 
and dividing our grief.
~Marcus Tullius Cicero  


dianne said...

Portland Plaid is a great yarn pairing for Holidazed. And I'm now realizing I can't remember the last time I wore my Holidazed socks and I'm not even sure where they are? Guess what I'm looking for today? LOL

gMarie said...

Another beautiful pair of socks. On my weekend plans (4 days this weekend) some interviews (3), a race, a trip to the vet and if there's any time left after all that - some knitting.

I'm off to look up that pattern. It's wonderful with that yarn. g

fjord girl said...

Beautiful colorscape on this yarn!

Susan in Cinti said...

Just a friendly bit of poo....
couldn't join RSC this year since my new condo has an unusable loft area...there is yarn piled...everywhere.(And it's not all in the loft!eeek)I am just not knitting fast enough, or often enough,.... to continue to receive Blue Moon blessings again! And I just had to whine about the poopiness of this. since I have to wait a whole poopy year before I can get this colorway!!!! Poop.Poop.Poop! Hugs,and best wishes for fun with friends!

Discoknits said...

Such a great colour. This weekend I'm taking my boys to a museum exhibition on the Titanic. Did you hear someone's making a second?!

Maryse said...

I'm back from a tiring business week so I hope to relax a lot this weekend with lots of knitting hopefully! Have a great one yourself! Beautiful yarn!