Saturday, March 23, 2013


What to do on a rainy spring day in PDX?

Go in search of comfort food...a PBJ here fit the bill!

A new sock joined us.

After dining suffiiciently we headed home...during a sunbreak
(that followed the sleet that followed the rain that followed the gray that is PDX in spring)!

We're waiting with great anticipation for the next sunbreak...and you?
What are you waiting for this weekend?!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! xo

He that cannot forgive others, 
breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass
if he would ever reach heaven;
for everyone has need to be forgiven.
~George Herbert   


gMarie said...

I adore that bridge. Always have. Hubby has taken some lovely photos through the arches.

We had snow, then sun yesterday in Seattle. It was nice. :) g

Maryse said...

I went to the opera for the first time this weekend. It was beautiful! And I finished a pair of socks! Love your new layout!

Judy S. said...

Nice photos, Gail. It looks like the flowering plums are out In Portland? Many are here also, but we did have a bit of snow on Thursday and Friday. Anxious to hear about your new socks!

Laura Earl said...

PB&J sands are *certainly* a comfort food ;-)