Saturday, May 11, 2013

pure photo: style assignment

Hi! Welcome to We Heart Yarn! 
My name is Gail, aka Neuroknitter. I'm a wife, sister, daughter, friend, and mom to four cats, and work full time in a multiple sclerosis research laboratory.

I've been shooting digitally since starting this blog - almost 8 years now!
I shoot with a Canon 5DMkII (full frame), and my go-to lens is the 100mm macro.
I mostly shoot knitting and fiberarts as still life compositions, but have developed quite a passion for food and nature photography over the years, and will frequently shoot food with my knitting, and my knitting out in the wild! Recently, I've been expoloring landscape, candid portraits, and night photography.

I'm not very active on Pinterest, so creating a style board proved challenging. I have very few boards and the one most populated was the food board, so I thought I would use that to inspire and define my style for this assignment.

For this assignment, I'm photographing a finished pair of socks and the remaining yarn from the skein. I wanted to purposely prop my images with items I would use for food, so I used a ceramic bowl, mug, and cookie sheets. The "napkins" are hand-dyed wool squares that I recently acquired.

Thank you, Britt! This was a great assignment. It made me stop and think about style and mood and what I was wanting to accomplish with my imagery. I'm planning to start a formal style/mood board and will keep adding to it over time.

Thank you Jane, for hosting such a great workshop!
I'm looking forward to viewing each of your assignments over the weekend! :)

p.s. for the knitterly crowd, 
this is the  monkey sock pattern by Cookie A in an STR mill end 


Jane said...

Oh Gail how I love your style. The colors are so balanced and the tone so soft, beauty.

Yvonne said...

I love that - food with knitting, and knitting out in the wild :D I love unexpected and adventurous, taking things out of their 'natural habitat'!
You've got some lovely pins on pinterest and I think it's great that you're inspired to pin more! I took my first steps on Pinterest because of this assignment, and it's definitely a world that's hard to ignore now that I'm 'in' ;)

I love your yarn and knitting-as-food, the soft pastel colours of your work speak of dreams!
Beautiful socks, love the soft focus!
And the coffee... I need some, now ;)

Barbaramama said...

Wow gail, i like your style. Cool to see you have a real MY STYLE already....
I was wondering where the Neuro part came i know (i'm a neuro nurse ;) )

Beautiful pics!

Patricia said...

Hey Gail,
I love to see your Pinterest back in your pictures.
Your coffee looks delicious!
How many socks have you been knitting last years?
These are beautiful again!!!

WOLfje said...

The coffee cup is great! I love these kind of pictures.

Jane said...

Jade says : I love the colors of your photos and I like to knit too. I've made a bonnet, a bag and a little seal and now I'm working on a doll.

Nicole said...

I say yeah for coffee and wool! You're a barista too?
Great pictures.

Puur Arnika said...

Your style is beautiful, the pictures are also great, I love the coffee cup! That's my favorite

Daan said...

Nice to meet you :-)

I just love the picture with the empty coffeecup, love the rough table underneath!

(good to read your doing MSresearch, my mother is MSpatient since she was 19 (she's in her 60ties now)

Have good week!

Unknown said...

Nice combination of love for food and yarn! It are really original pictures. Nice to just take things out of your house and combinate.

gMarie said...

These are amazing photos! I am constantly inspired by your pics (not enough to play with my camera more....) Thank you so much for sharing. g

Anonymous said...

I love the way you play with the focus in your photos. Although the color of your yarn is lovely, I like the first B&W pic the best.
(should you ever need a toddler size model to show your knitting work, I think I know just the perfect kid;) )

Annette said...

What a beautiful colors, what a great pictures! You caugh normal things in wonderful pictures

Judy S. said...

Well done. Love those socks!

PenCraft said...

So lovely to learn more about you! I'm also inspired that you, taker of such amazing photos, is working to improve your photography! Very cool.

Jilly said...

Gaily...I love the style and all the dialogue explaining everything! I'll look forward to upcoming creativity and pretty pictures!!! xox