Saturday, May 18, 2013

pure photo workshop #2 point of view

The second assignment of the Pure Photo Workshop was to study point of view by Mariska de Groot.
We were to take a series of photos of a subject from different perspectives, lighting, and angles.
The first three images are lit in different ways.

The first challenge to lighting is to have steady light...i.e. no clouds rolling by if you are out in daylight.

In general, I like back or side lit subjects as the edges are nicely defined, and any texture shows up nicely with side light. The side lit image isn't as textural as it could be as clouds kept drifting by and diffused the light. 
The front lit example is ok as it was late afternoon and the light was hazy and low, and it seemed to work well with the pens.

The next set of images explored top down vs bottom up.

I liked the pens top down!
There is a lot of detail at either end of a pen. I think this image would be improved if I had shot it with a smaller aperture and a longer depth of field to capture some of the details lost in the bokeh of this shot.

The rose photographed from the top worked better for me than the next image which was captured from the bottom up. I prefer the top down image of the rose because there is so much detail in the petals that can be seen from this vantage point; whereas, very little of that detail can be seen in the bottom up image. So, maybe depending on the subject matter and identifying its focal interest will help in deciding whether top down or bottom up will generate a more successful image.

I also noted, that I preferred a more open aperture, f2.8 - f4.0 for the rose shot. Larger than f4.0 generated a longer depth of field and too much detail in the background that also turned out to be distracting.

That being said, the little vintage medicine bottle is displayed well in the bottom up image. But it isn't really the subject and may've been a bigger distraction from the subject if a smaller aperture was used and it was in better focus.

What do you think?

The next two examples explored close-up vs distance.

I just found my calligraphy supplies after many years in storage. To my great delight this wonderful vintage fountain pen was in my box of pens. I love it! The detail of the nib is rich. There is even a little heart in it.
The close up captures that detail.

When I move the camera back, and  capture a wider view of the scene,you see the rest of the story.

Thank you Jane and Mariska!  This was a great assignment. 

It's fun to explore different points of view and what gives each their strength and weakness, and to think about what you need to differently to get as much out of a different perspective as you can.

What was the journal entry?

I hope you'll have time to bounce over and check out some of the other participants' blogs!
Have a great rest of your weekend!!


Jane said...

Love love love your work. It is good to hear that clouds are not only in the way in The Netherlands. Love your photo with backlight on the pens, a nice soft light it is, the colors in the photo differ with the light from the other sides.
The rose top down is beautiful, the flower gets all the attention.
At the bottom up the rose doesnt get all the attention because of the nice bottle. I'm not sure if the rose would get the attention when the bottle was sharp.
The close up with the sweet heart detail is just great. Love the way you make a still-life of every photo.
Thanks for the journal, self-doubt is always an issue here :).
Have a lovely weekend Gail.
Love Jane

Jane said...

J ade says: I like the close up of the pen very much. The rose top down is my favorite. I love flowers and their pretty colors.

Patricia said...

Beautiful shots!
I love your vintage pen and love love love the journal!!!
I'll copy it ;) xo

Barbaramama said...

Wow what a nice serie! I like ALL of your photos.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, love your top down photo of the rose.

Unknown said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! They all have a lot of peace in them. The details are so sharp, the pen, with the inscription; wow! And the rose from above is also really beautiful: it has something calm but also movement in it.

Lolly said...

Very nice!!

Annette said...

Love the way you expirimented with the light. Love the black and white picture top down a lot.

Beautiful colors and background in the picture of the rose / top down. Love it!

Annette said...

A real treasure you found (lovely pic of the pen)