Tuesday, June 04, 2013

garden party

It's June!
You know what that means, right?

The beginning of dragonfly season.
Party in the garden!!

Mr. Bee joined the festivities.
Flitting in and out, and mingling among the guests as beefitting his species.

Of course the grande dame herself showed up...trim and fit, and elegantly dressed in black with blue trim.

Little Miss Ladybug was fashionably late due to circumnavigating the Lady's Mantle...
we'll forgive her as she was sporting some stunning dots!

After dining on vine ripened delicacies, the guests disbanded
to hidden and far away places...
...waiting for the party to resume the following evening.

I heart June.

I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself. 
 And I find sufficient purpose for my day.
~Robert Brault  


Unknown said...

BUG FEST!!! :) It's funny because I had a dream last night that little scorpions were invading a village that I lived it. I know, I know - me and my weird dreams :D Great photos, boss. Hopefully none of your readers have entomophobia ;)

Jane said...

June is the best. Great party