Tuesday, December 27, 2005

JAYWALKERS!! The NeuroKnitter finished a pair, in loverly STR Yarn (the completed pair on the right) - what is this color again, NK?

I, on the other hand, have had a bit of startitis concerning these - over Thanksgiving weekend, I did one whole toe-up Jaywalker (mine is the lonely one on the left) out of STR Alina, literally burning rubber getting it done, and have yet to look back (meaning I have not even casted on the 2nd one). I have, however, begun another pair - in STR Fluorite, I believe - photos soon. (I am taking a page out of the Jaywalker KAL-mom, Cara's book and trading off colorways, so as not to become bored with one - at least that is what I'm telling myself, hee, hee. Because it can't be that I have knitting ADD, it just CAN'T BE!!) The construction is two-at-once, toe-up, on two circular needles. Interesting story about that, and about my main man, S.

We were stuck in a hotel in Chicago last Thursday night, so close, yet so far away from our ultimate destination, Cleveland, and we were glued to the TV (too much traveling + cable television = willingness to watch even the most mundane program, as long as there is no static, and no need to tweak rabbit ears). I was thinking how lucky I am to have a guy like S, a guy who not only shows interest in my knitting, but strives to understand the intricacies involved, and who is duly impressed when I tackle (and triumph over) a particularly difficult skill. This was in my head because we had just finished stuffing and addressing all of our holiday cards, and my dorky man wrote a holiday letter to accompany the cards. He waxed eloquent about my Kiri in the letter, about how it is his favorite of all of my knitted objects, yadayadayada. So, I showed him my Jaywalkers, and asked him to describe what was going on with that particular pair of socks. The boy nailed it, he really did - he could tell me everything about the socks except for their super-wash-ability, and that was only because I had yet to tell him that aspect of STR. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the many reasons I am marrying that fool.

S, modeling a hand-knit from his grannie. One of these days...

And, the socks I thought I was making for S. for his birthday, but which turned out to be my exact size (huh, fancy that), in STR Olive Garden. Yeah, so I love STR, who cares? Speaking of STR, here is another angle of Kiri, also in STR.

Here are three pairs of my finished socks:

#1 - STR Fire on the Mountain, my first ever pair of toe-up socks, with a 3x1 rib, and so loosely casted off that they have a bit of roll to them. Gifted these to my baby sis, who had eye surgery last week, and I was told that they did actually make her feel a bit better.

#2 - Long, long ribbed socks for my baby. Koigu KPPPM, in a bright-ass green colorway. Found the yarn in the cutest little yarn/needlepoint store in New Orleans early this summer, right near Jackson Square.

#3 - Another long pair of stockinette socks, in KnitPicks sock garden Daffodil colorway. Not sure where these are destined, but they most likely will become gifts.

By the way, Jen - love your holiday toilet story. hee, hee. Although it does make me glad I have no pets!

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday (and by everyone, I mean Gail, Emily, and Jen, because I am pretty sure no one else reads this blog :))



Anonymous said...

That guy "S" sounds fantastic. How lucky you are to have found such a wonderful, caring, funny, and, if I'm not being to bold, handsome man.

NeuroKnitter said...

Hi Shannon! My Jaywalkers are in STR Banded Agate!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a neuroknitter, too! NK's socks are really fun, the striping is really cool. Do they fit well? Would you like me to include them in the gallery?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous socks...nice job!

Anonymous said...

Hi ;)
oh... what brainsick comments!
what do U think about it?