Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another Amazing Lace...Take one!

Challenge #1 posted by Gail (aka NeuroKnitter)

My father wasn't in prison (nor was my mother!), I wasn't raised by my grandfather (although that might have been kinda fun as he had a very cool wood shop and was a coffee connisseur, but I digress) and I know what calamari is although I won't eat it and being from the Pacific NW I also know that the 'l' in salmon is silent!

So, without further ado, please let me introduce you to Team Pacific NW!!

The human, on a good day, is me. I'm Gail, also known as NeuroKnitter on this blog. Why neuroknitter you might ask? I am a research scientist in a multiple sclerosis research laboratory in Portland, OR. My husband and I are dyed in the wool Oregonians (heh-heh, couldn't help it, so sorry). I have been knitting for 15 years and spinning for around 13 years (3 spinning wheels and 7 hand know you want to know!). I love the more traditional knitting styles and to satisfy my need for immediate gratification I am an insatiable sock knitter. Although I am new to lace knitting, I believe I have chosen a team mate whose very nature is similar yet complementary to my own. I firmly believe that we can handle all the challenges that come our way!

Please, let me now take the opportunity to introduce my team mate, "Trellis Scarf" from the
Spring 2006 IK. She is designed by the amazingly talented Evelyn Clark. I am using a lovely natural gray alpaca fingering weight yarn for this project. This yarn was purchased especially for this project from McKenzie Alpaca Breeders in Springfield, OR.

Although we have known each other only since Spring 2006, we are well prepared for this challenging summer of the Amazing Lace. We know where all the coffee vendors are located for emergency resuscitation services secondary to frogging. We have recorded the coordinates for all the 18 or so yarn stores in the area so that we can triangulate and locate all fiber destinations (blindfolded on a rainy day with one hand and one needle held behind my back...believe me...really) at a nanomoments notice from anywhere in the greater Portland metropolitan area. We have spare needles in case of breakage. We have extra yarn. I have a camel pack so that I can drink (no, I'm NOT going to tell you what I load it with!) and knit without ever leaving my chair. And lastly, I have Pride & Prejudice and Bridget Jones' Diary in my video vault for hours of uninterrupted Colin Firth entertainment while knitting (that's for you WG!!).

If my team mate should prove to be unreliable during the competition, I have an understudy waiting in the wings...the
Diamond Fantasy Shawl designed by Sivia Harding. The references for DFS are strong and I think she'll be able to complete the challenge with me if called upon.

This brings me to our team name, as I am from the Pacific NW, Ms. Clark also lives in the Pacific NW, and the alpaca yarn hales from the Pacific NW, it was obvious that our geography was the glue that would be holding us together, come heck or high water, throughout this event.

Let the games begin!!


Anonymous said...

I read this blog now regularly and so enjoy the variety! I have loved doing lace for the past couple of years. As a weaver too, lace is a fascinating structure! I was interested to know what you are up to professionally. My brother who has MS is currently in the VA hospital rehab in Vancouver. He's been living so well for so many years, then broke his hip in March.. I miss him so much (I'm in New England), but its reassuring to think that a knitter like you is working to help understand this disease.

Wool Girl said...

I loved your post and so look forward to the Pacific NW team's progress throughout the summer. :)


shannon said...

Oh, NK - it sounds as though you are well-prepared for the challenge set before you, and your partner is both attractive and strong, two very important qualities in a race of this sort. I look forward to competing with you both.