Friday, June 09, 2006

socks to the left of me, shawls to the right...

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1. Fairgrounds, done. (no photo)
I need to stage a photoshoot for these socks, because they turned out purty darned cute. As I stated previously, I opted not to use the STR Socks Club included pattern, and instead trolled through Sensational Knitted Socks for a suitable lace-type design, to begin my Amazing Lace journey. I casted on the toes the Sunday before Memorial Day, and used that evening to knit away while watching Pirates of the Caribbean (yummy, Johnnny Depp, yummy, Orlando Bloom), and made some remarkable progress. I turned the heels while barbequeing with some good pals, and finished the pair on Friday night. Yeah, less than a week. I am a bit amazed at the rapidity of the progress, and am not quite sure how in the heck it happened, but I am not one to question the knitting godess. Sure, I was using STR mediumweight, and realized that I needed no more than 52 stitches around to make a great-fitting sock, but an entire pair in less than a week?!?!?!?! I am still reeling with the insanity, people.

2. Sherbet Hederas, in progress.

These are amazing. I love the STR mediumweight, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, and the Hedera pattern (thanks, Cookie!) is fantastic. NK is making some Hederas; our friend Iris is making Hederas, and the pattern just seemed so perfect for my second Amazing Lace-ery, that I decided to just do it. Sure, there were some fits and starts. I got a few inches in to both socks (cuz OF COURSE I changed the pattern around to do two-at-once, toe-up) and had to take a little vacay to the frog pond (too many stitches). I then laid awake for way too long on Saturday night, working some math in my head (what was I thinking? i am no math-geek) and tackled the project again on Sunday while heading to the outlet mall with my baby, realizing after a few inches that, no, my math was not working correctly, and in fact, I was going to have un-centered socks. So, back to frog-ville once again I wandered. That evening, I finally figured out just what in the hell I was doing, and it's been smooth sailing ever since. In fact, I should be turning some heels real soon. Oh, and, did I mention how amazing this yarn is?

3. STR Lemongrass Elfine Socks (linking problems), toes complete. Not much to say about these right now - toes are cute, for sure, but not so exciting.

4. Wedding shawl, halfway done. (no photo)

As far as the previous post, i am trying to figure out some flicr-post-a-bilities, and crashed and burned on that attempt. Whoops!


Wool Girl said...

OMG! I love that Sherbert! It's really quite amazing, you know? That pattern really looks fabulous with the colorway also! WOW!


Anonymous said...

Those are the two colors I ordered on wednesday! I'm glas they knit up so well in real life.