Sunday, August 13, 2006

sock wars and more amigurumi

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the NK just forwarded me the link to...


this may be just what this knitter needs to expunge some of the general malaise that's been my not-so-welcome companion lately. not so much a knit-along, and not really a contest, more like a sprint. it's really a great idea - i can imagine myself as one of those sexy, sexy james bond gals, or even james bond himself. i can role-play spy-shit, or pretend to be an assasin (mr and mrs smith, anyone?); it could be kind of like playing the best video game ever, killing the aliens, (knitting the socks). gotta come up with a sweet name, gotta be clandestine, gotta win the war. sign-ups end on september 8.

on the home front, crocheting has been quite a fun little obsession. there was the blue duckie, quickly followed by a green frog and a red-and-blue bear. there are so many of these little "amigurumi" floating through my head, and they sure do make a crafter happy...

not to mention a crafter's hubby:

the bears e and i became friends:

oh, and, no photo yet, but i am working on the smallest pair of socks ever, for the new little baby in my family, cameron.


knitfriendly said...

Cute ducks! Where did you get the pattern for them?

Wool Girl said...

These are just too cute for words! I met them all in person this week, and just fell in love with them! WOW!